Can you donate if you take adhd medication

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can you donate   if you take adhd medication

Your Brain On Adderall - The Study Drug

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To understand medications for ADHD treatment, you need to keep two neurochemicals in mind: dopamine and norepinephrine. Both are important for attention and focus, for the functioning of the pre-frontal cortex region of the brain. When you take Ritalin, Adderall, or any other stimulant medication , what it does is help bring up the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. If you get optimal levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, you are pretty focused. But if you get too much, you can stress out the brain. Then you look almost like the ADHD is worse.

Stimulant medications can be very effective in reducing symptoms of ADHD, but some kids do experience uncomfortable or harmful side effects. When side effects become a problem, we try to change the dosage , the release formula, or the type of medication your child is taking. The goal is to determine what will give him the most benefit, with the least side effects.
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Donors must weigh at least pounds and be at least 17 years old. In Minnesota, years-olds may donate with written consent from a parent or guardian. During your donation appointment, you will complete a brief health questionnaire to make sure blood donation is safe for you and the recipient of your blood. Blood contains several components: red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells and plasma. During a whole blood donation, donors typically donate approximately 1 pint of blood. During platelet or plasma donation, your blood is collected and then separated into its components by a machine; the machine keeps the platelets or plasma and returns the rest to you.

A while back, I was asked if medications for ADHD would prevent someone from being able to give blood. After some research, I can say the answer is: Probably not. You do have to provide information on your health history and any medications you take. This includes medications for ADHD, such as stimulant medications. If you take additional medications, such as something to help you sleep or antidepressants, you should include that information on the questionnaire as well. These types of medications are not included in the list of medications that prevent someone from giving blood. However, each person's health history is taken into account and a blood screening test will determine if you are able to give blood.

Adderall Wont Give Your Brain a Boost If You Dont Have ADHD






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    Do you want to give blood, but are on ADHD drugs? Read on to If you take additional medications, such as something to help you sleep or.

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