Can you bring dog food into the us from canada

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can you bring dog food into the us from canada

Can I buy pet food in Canada and bring it into the U.S.? You may also visit the USDA Web site for a list of Approved Commodities from Canada and Canadian.

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Has anyone brought their dog across the US border, from Canada , recently? Any problems doing so? We are driving into the US on vacation and want to bring our 8 year old dog with us. US government websites state that rabies certificates are required. I will also bring a vet-signed certificate of good health. Our vet warned us about bringing certain kinds of dog food into the US and making sure that we have the dog food in its original packaging.

Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Next Last. I have been shopping for my cats in USA for quite a while, no problem until today at the border that cop told me "no cat food or dog food any more" and put a note on my passport in the system, which virtually bar me from buying cat food from US I guess. I argued that last time when I told the officer that I bought cat food, he didn't say anything as such.

Most U. Those traveling for work, school, or who are planning to move permanently will likely need a visa. Children younger than 16 who are traveling with both parents can use their birth certificate as identification. They require that dogs older than 3 months have a current rabies vaccination. For dogs younger than three months, proof of age must be provided upon request.

Canadian snowbirds who own cats or dogs will of course want to bring them to the U. First of all, your pet must be healthy, look healthy and be well groomed or it can be turned away. It is required that all pets are up to date with rabies shots and other vaccinations and you should carry a document from your veterinarian certifying general good health and vaccination records. Although cats are not technically required to have rabies shots, many border guards will ask for it. It is also required for coming back to Canada.

Start by bringing water from home for a dog that might easily get queasy drinking from an unfamiliar source. If your dog is on a home cooked or raw dog food diet, this may be the time to introduce ready-to-serve Carna4 well before your departure date, so you have a convenient real food option. There are extensive regulations for importing pet foods into Canada or the United States. Even still, you need to follow a few rules to avoid a hungry pup or a U-turn home. First off, keep the food in a small enough quantity to avoid suspicion i. And for bringing food back into Canada, the limit is 20 kg. You can bring pet food fresh, frozen or chilled, cooked, canned or otherwise processed products that:.

Import Policies - Pet Food

If you've consulted our guides to crossing the border to shop for alcohol , tobacco , or anything else , you're a total pro at saving time and money when you travel from Canada to the US or vice versa. We haven't covered crossing with furry friends yet, though. Before you plan your jaunt down south with the creature that your heart desires, keep the following things in mind.



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