How old can you be to work at dollar tree

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how old can you be to work at dollar tree

What You SHOULD and SHOULDN'T Buy At The Dollar Tree - Shop with Me [ But First, Coffee ]

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Terrible pay for everything they ask of management and not ever having proper training. I have learned as I go Hired for part time management and end up working am to close pm alone w 1 cashier Having to clock out for a lunch that I always end up having I have yet to ever have a true lunch break or 10 min break either

Minimum age to apply at Dollar Tree is generally 16 years old. Here are some jobs at Dollar Tree which teenagers usually can apply. Sales Floor Associates This job position will require you to meet and greet customers in order to help make sales, and also to answer questions about products, services and merchandise. You will get training which generally lasts for several days that includes visual and verbal instructions on employment policies, protocols and tasks. Stocker To work as a stocker you must be a diligent and hardworking individual because you will receive and unload piles of merchandise to the stock room and mark them with identifying codes. Furthermore, you will also be responsible in organizing the product items and keeping record of the sale. Warehouse Associates Your ability to organize and report merchandise is required for this job position.

Jobs for Teens at Dollar Tree

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Questions and Answers about Dollar Tree Hiring Age

While the retail chain offers several avenues for entry-level employment, the minimum hiring age imposed by Dollar Tree requires applicants to stand 18 or over. The year-old minimum also requires applicants to hold high school diplomas or GED equivalents, in most cases. No other experience or qualifications need met in order to work for Dollar Tree. Hiring personnel usually look for friendly, motivated, and dedicated individuals to fill job vacancies. Dollar Tree Application. Variety of Entry Level Positions The entry-level positions requiring applicants to stand at least 18 years old for employment consideration for positions including sales associate, cashier, and stock associate. Applicants looking to assume cashier positions encounter front-of-store work settings heavily involved in customer service.

The stores are are well-lit and the staff tends to be very friendly. You must have good customer service skills as well as being able to pay attention to things like inventory and accurate checkouts. Especially, if you are new to the workforce and have never had to do these things before. Applying for a new job can sometimes be difficult and a bit stressful. Have your information ready. Before you even apply, have a well-formatted resume that you can use for reference. If your application is considered you will have to interview.

When you start high school, you begin to have many expenses. Your social life becomes more important, and you likely want to stop relying on your parents for an allowance., Answers, ChaCha and Wiki.

How Old to Work at Dollar Tree?


questions and answers about Dollar Tree Hiring Age. How old do you have to be to work here? would you hire a high school student? and would you.
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