Where can i buy south melbourne market dim sims

Six decades of South Melbourne Market Dim Sims

where can i buy south melbourne market dim sims

South Melbourne Dim Sims

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For nearly 60 years, the Dim Sim shop at the South Melbourne Market has grown from a humble take-away storefront into something of a landmark. Established by the late Ken Cheng, the pint-sized shop is infamous for its sizeable, flavoursome dim sims. Located on Elizabeth Street, near the corner of Flinders Lane, the store will be similar in concept to its South Melbourne counterpart, but with a comparatively sleek, new interior. Most importantly, the recipe which sees queues of eager customers lining Cecil Street will remain the same. While some diehard fans claim the dim sims have dropped in quality since the passing of the elder Cheng in , his sons insist the recipe and quality has remained the same. This particular secret family recipe is a timeless one to say the least. Stay tuned for more steamy updates soon.

Since they broadened their outlets to various shops and it seems now supermarkets the quality has dropped a lot. I'm with you. I remember queuing up at the South Melbourne market years ago and getting a massive dimmie. They're smaller and not nearly as great now. Or maybe there are just more places calling their dimmies 'South Melbourne Market' dim sims. But to me, it is a completely different product from Sriracha. Of the 'standard' hot sauces available, I just rate Cholula highly.

I have been going to the South Melbourne Market Dim Sim store for around 30 years now, it has always been great, always had a long queue, until recently. There was no queue in our last 2 visits, and we were more than disappointed with the exhorbitant price rise we were confronted with. We have been away for 8 months. For over 50 years, the stall has provided an excellent and affordable product, as we and our friends all agree. I had noticed 2 stores in Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street in the city had opened in the past year or two as well.

When thinking of Melbourne, images of laneways, coffee and street art come to mind right away. While most dim sims have a rectangular shape, the larger round dim sims are known as South Melbourne dims sims. His daughter, celebrity chef Elizabeth Chong, told ABC that her father noticed Australians were especially fond of the Cantonese siu mai, a steamed pork and prawn dumpling. He adapted the recipe and started to produce them in bulk, simply calling them dim sim. Melbourne dim sims are bigger than Chinese dumplings and have a thicker skin. While the original dim sims contained pork, prawns, water chestnuts, spring onions and soy sauce, each takeaway shop has its own recipe. He started selling his steamed dim sims out of a trolley at the Caulfield Racecourse in before relocating to the South Melbourne Market.

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