Can police track you down by camera for shoplifting

With facial recognition, shoplifting may get you banned in places you've never been

can police track you down by camera for shoplifting

Hi I went into walmart and grabbed a pack of Hanes men`s tank tops and returned it to get money back. They didn`t ask for my identification read more.

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Hypothetically, you enter a store, steal a few items, and you exit the store without being caught. Can you still be arrested for shoplifting afterward? The quick answer is, yes! In many cases, a place of business will wait until the shoplifter has left the front door s before approaching them. This proves to employees that the shoplifter had the intent to steal and went through with the action of stealing. If someone were to pick up an item and conceal it, but then pay for it prior to exiting the store, this would not be stealing. Instead, this would be a questionable shopping practice that is frowned upon by business owners.

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There are hundreds of stores using facial recognition -- none that have any rules or standards to prevent abuse. A live demonstration uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition in dense crowd spatial-temporal technology at the Horizon Robotics exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES At my bodega down the block, photos of shoplifters sometimes litter the windows, a warning to would-be thieves that they're being watched. Those unofficial wanted posters come and go, as incidents fade from the owner's memory. But with facial recognition , getting caught in one store could mean a digital record of your face is shared across the country. Stores are already using the technology for security purposes and can share that data -- meaning that if one store considers you a threat, every business in that network could come to the same conclusion. This is part of a CNET special report exploring the benefits and pitfalls of facial recognition.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers. If a person is caught shoplifting on camera, can police track them down? I rated out somebody who was shoplifting today, to an employee at a store.

I spent 16 years working in retail loss prevention and I am Wicklander-Zulawski-certified to interview dishonest retail employees. Apprehending shoplifters is an exciting field, and I enjoyed the 16 years I spent in the loss-prevention business. I still take an active interest in retail Loss Prevention and shoplifting and I read up on the latest trends and news and keep in touch with colleagues in the business. Here are the top questions I've received concerning shoplifting: Some were asked by shoplifters, and some were asked just because someone was curious. In the very interesting comments section at the bottom of this article, you'll be able to browse the many other personal shoplifting stories and questions I get asked about shoplifting, loss prevention, and internal retail theft.

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