Can you block someone from calling you but not texting

Block numbers from texting or calling you in iOS 7

can you block someone from calling you but not texting

I don't think there is any way of blocking only calls but not text it's all or How do you block someone from calling and texting you on iPhone?.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Can anyone tell me if I am going to be able to block text messages from a contact but allow phone calls from the same contact? Possibly block text calls from 8pm to 8am so they don't wake me up but receive calls if there is an emergency? Posted on May 18, AM. May 18, AM in response to tcquestion In response to tcquestion. If you wish to only block text during that time period, I would use Do Not Disturb. You can set it for that time period and it will block everything.

Here's how you block people from calling, texting or FaceTimeing you on The first is simple but only works if the person you want to block is not receive phone calls, messages, or FaceTime from people on the block list.
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It's come to this: you're blocking a number. Your iPhone doesn't care if you're blocking an ex-boyfriend, a spam caller , your crazy aunt, or any other phone number; it will dutifully shut that contact out of your life. At least in terms of texts, calls, and FaceTime. Blocking a number on an iPhone can't prevent the person from reaching out via third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, but it will put up a wall between you in terms of the iPhone's primary methods of communication. But what actually happens when you block a contact on your iPhone? What does the other person see or hear when they are blocked?

Subscribe on YouTube. Tired of getting calls from automated spammers or creepy strangers? Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on Android devices. But finding the path to block calls can take some digging. Some manufacturers bury blacklist features deep in your phone settings.

We've all been there. The survey takers keep trying to reach you, or the wrong number that keeps dialing you, never seeming to realize that your'e not the person they're looking for. Blocking numbers usually requires the assistance of your cell provider, but with iOS 7, you can block selected people from calling, texting, or starting a Facetime session with you. If you want to block someone, you can go about it one of two ways: Through your contacts list or through the Settings app. To block someone already on your contacts list, open the Contacts app, select a contact card, scroll down toward the bottom, and tap Block this Caller. If you're blocking someone in your Recents list of the Phone app, you'll need to tap the "i" to get their contact card, but aside from that, the process is the same. If you want to edit your blocked list more quickly, open the Settings app, then go to either Phone , Messages , or FaceTime settings; scroll down to Blocked , and you can add or remove people from your blocked list.

Here's what happens when you block someone's number on your iPhone

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There is a load of reasons you might want to stop hearing from someone, whether it's telemarketers , annoying promotional text messages, your weird uncle, or a friend from high school who is convinced you should reconnect and become best friends. Fortunately, it's really easy to stop them from contacting you on an iPhone if you know where to look.
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