Can you have a dui and be a teacher

Can You Be a Teacher With a DUI On Your Record?

can you have a dui and be a teacher

Getting a Job with a DUI - Can I get a job with a DUI by San Diego DUI Lawyer Dan Smith

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Unlike a couple of decades ago, where background checks were generally a new kind of processes, it is no longer possible to sweep certain incidents like DUI convictions under the rug. Modern advancements of technology has made these types of records just a couple of mouse-clicks away from being discovered. Having a criminal record is certainly disadvantage for just about any established profession, especially teaching. A DUI conviction, even one which consisted of the individual pleading no contest may have serious implications for anyone who is currently in the work field of education. Such convictions may effect employment and certifications in a negative manner for teachers. Each state has different standard sets for teachers. Some certifications can be considered as being more rigid than others.

This curiosity is well-founded since you happen to work in one of the occupations that frown upon DUIs. In December of , the Commission on Teacher Credentialing Commission examined data showing five-year trends. The data revealed that the largest single case type among teachers was alcohol-related offenses. According to the data collected between and , first-time DUI offenses made up In effect, the Commission is certainly aware of the DUI trend among teachers and has systems in place to address such offenses. The Commission will look into a criminal conviction for DUI, however, it must also review the circumstances surrounding the conviction before taking any disciplinary action. If a teacher is convicted of a criminal offense, the Commission has the authority to take adverse action against a teacher, however, the following factors will be weighed:.

If you are arrested for a DUI, and if you have a teaching credential in California, or have a DUI on your record and are applying for a teaching credential, you may wonder what the effects of a DUI on your career as a teacher might be. There is not a duty to disclose DUI arrests. Note that there is, however, a duty to disclose convictions, especially convictions for crimes that show you are unfit for a teaching credential. The CTC gets notified through official records from the Department of Justice, or any law enforcement agency, any state or federal court, a California state agency, or another state agency. It is nearly impossible to hide a conviction once entered from the agency. When you apply for or renew a license, you are required to disclose any convictions.

If you are a teacher convicted of a DUI, there is a chance that your contract will not be renewed. Or, you could lose your job immediately. You might even have to .
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Being charged with a DUI is one of the most frustrating things you could deal with. A DUI never looks good on your record but as a teacher it can cause serious ramifications on your public perception, especially that of the parents of the children that you educate. In most states, and in Florida, a first time DUI offense would lead to a misdemeanor in most cases. In the case of a felony, you may be more likely to have trouble keeping your job. If you already have a job as a teacher at the time of the DUI conviction, you may not necessarily be at risk of losing your position unless your employers, or the board, were to discover the new charges. That being said, even if they were to discover the incident it may or may not be grounds for termination.

Start a new post. Learn about and discuss the practice of teaching and receive support from fellow teachers. Share and discover teaching resources, including lessons, demos, blogs, simulations, and visual aids. Share and discuss educational techologies that can support and improve teaching and learning. I want to be a high school history teacher, have DUI self. I've been pretty convinced this is what I want to do for a couple years.

Will A DUI Affect a Teaching Job

Atlanta DUI lawyer: Will a teacher be fired for a DUI in GA

DUI and a Teaching Credential

For many jobs, a DUI conviction will not destroy your career. As long as you find a way to get to work on time and your work is not affected by your DUI, there should be no problem with you keeping your job. However, some employers take DUIs more seriously than others. This is the case with many professions, but it is particularly the case among teachers. If you are a teacher convicted of a DUI, there is a chance that your contract will not be renewed. Or, you could lose your job immediately. You might even have to face the loss of your teacher certificate.

If You Are a Teacher Convicted of a DUI, Here is What You Need to Know

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