Can you give a dog xanax to calm him down

Xanax for Dogs – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Alternatives

can you give a dog xanax to calm him down

How Does Xanax Work?


I personally know Jovie, a 2-year-old wauzer west highland terrier and schnauzer , because I know her owner, Katie Cummings of Nixa. Is this dog a willing accomplice? Or a law-abiding canine? Like many dog owners this time of year, she medicates her pet. She gives Jovie a Benadryl, generic name diphenhydramine, smothered in peanut butter.

I was on Google Plus recently and saw this question asked by a dog owner — "Can I give my dog Xanax to calm him down? Xanax is essentially a form of tranquilizer. It is given to humans who suffer from anxiety and stress. Although there are side effects, most people notice a tangible calming effect when taking the medication. Dogs suffer from stress and anxiety just as we do. Calming them with a tranquilizer is not uncommon and such medications are often used by vets for a wide variety of animals. In the case of dogs, a vet can prescribe canine version Xanax to help calm the pup down.

Side Effects Of Xanax For Dogs

Can Dogs Take Xanax?

But, it goes without saying, dogs and people are different. Anxiety in dogs is a common condition. Xanax is a common drug used to treat human anxiety. Xanax is a benzodiazepine drug known as alprazolam Xanax is the brand name. It works by enhancing natural chemicals in the brain and the result is an overall calming effect. If taken for an extended period of time, it can be very addicting, in both humans and dogs!

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Xanax, generically known as Alprazolam, is a benzodiazepine primarily used to treat anxiety. Typically, Xanax works by altering the natural chemicals in the brain to calm down the nerves. If this medication is given to your dog for a lengthy period, there is the potential for addiction. As stated above, Xanax is generally prescribed to treat signs and symptoms of anxiety. More specifically speaking, this medication can help alleviate issues associated with the following list of ailments:. Dosage for Xanax should never be measured without the help of a veterinarian, as it is a controlled substance that can spawn addiction.

When we notice that our pets aren't feeling quite themselves, it may feel natural to look to the medicine cabinet for a little bit of help. However, there are often some pretty big differences in how certain medications work in ourselves or our pets. For example, medicines that are generally very safe for humans, like Tyleno l , can be highly dangerous to both cats and dogs. So when it comes to something like anxiety , one might wonder if dogs can take Xanax to assist with their anxieties. While dogs can have Xanax, the kind prescribed to you is a human medication and therefore isn't a very safe option for dogs.


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