List of countries and capitals

List of Country Capitals in World

list of countries and capitals


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Looking for a list of world capitals? But first I have to apologize in advance for this very, very nerdtastic post. Can you guess which ones? Anyways, you must be wondering: what are all the capitals in the world? Well, here is a complete list of world capitals for all the independent countries of the world as recognized by the United Nations.

This is a list of national capitals , including capitals of territories and dependencies , non-sovereign states including associated states and entities whose sovereignty is disputed.
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Capital cities are generally locations that serve as the centers of government, business, and education, making them population hubs and popular tourist destinations. While some countries, such as Italy and Germany , have multiple cities of cultural importance, others have just one major city that functions as a seat of government and cultural attraction. Some capital cities are more well-known that the countries in which they are located for example, Iceland 's capital city of Reykjavik is a highly popular tourist destination, famous for its hot springs, but most tourists do not widely explore large parts of the rest of the country. In countries with ongoing conflicts, capital cities often experience the worst effects; indeed, there are instances of entire towns almost destroyed. Most recently, capital cities such as Afghanistan 's Kabul and Iraq 's Baghdad have suffered significant destruction. Conversely, Syria 's capital city of Damascus has remained relatively stable through the ongoing conflict there, while a large part of the rest of the country has been severely damaged. The largest capital city in the world is Beijing in China , with a vast population of more than twenty million although this is still a small percentage of the overall population in China.

Country and Capital City columns can also be switched:. Make Your Booking. Click the table headings to sort the capital cities or countries alphabetically. The legislative and judicial capital is Sucre. Bujumbura remains the seat of the government and economic capital. Although not fully independent, it is widely referred to as a country.

All countries in the world and their capital

There are nations officially recognized as independent countries in the world, each with its own capital city. A significant number of countries have multiple capital cities.,


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