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Maxie, Nathan & Britt Scenes on General Hospital 4-11-14

general hospital nathan and maxie

Nathan & Maxie 07-03-14 (1/2) handcuffed walk home

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What will happen to Maxie Kirsten Storms and their child if Nathan dies? Although Faison Anders Hove knows that Nathan is his son, he still shot him which placed Nathan's life in danger. The previous episode showed Nathan and Maxie sharing a special moment together while they talk about their future. The two are looking forward to have a happy family with their unborn child. However, Nathan flat lined after he declared his love for Maxie. But it remains to be seen if Griffin will manage to save Nathan's life.

He was the son of supervillains, Cesar Faison deceased and Dr. Liesl Obrecht and the legal son of his late aunt, socialite Madeline Reeves and her late husband, Mr. He was portrayed by actor Ryan Paevey from December 30, to February 9, In November , the producers released a casting call for a contract role. Paevey made his debut as a contract cast member. During an interview with Afterbuzz TV , Paevey revealed that the rather unconventional casting process started when he was just lounging around with his close friends and management team and one of his managers suggested that Paevey should meet with casting director Mark Teschner. Paevey revealed that when he first auditioned for the show, "there was no part.

Can somebody please catch me up on Maxie and Nathan? Did they get married? Are they on a break? Is he actually dating someone else? I wish I could just continue to ship them as if nothing had changed, but I cannot get past the shooting. Before we got all the details, I figured it would be explained in some way that made sense for who I knew Nathan to be. And then we learned what happened and it was possibly the worst version of the events.

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Nathan has been portrayed by actor Ryan Paevey since the character's debut at the end of Paevey was offscreen for about a month, while filming his Lifetime movie, Unleashing Mr.

Nathan West and Maxie Jones

Nathan and Maxie, though very different from Maxie and Spinelli, have proven to be a popular couple on General Hospital , both sexy and fun-loving. Though she was running to the airport, the two attractive people felt an attraction, though unacknowledged by either one. Maxie was on an eat-pray-love journey to find herself. She didn't; instead, she found a nut job named Levi and returned from her trip with him. Maxie and Nathan reconnected upon her return in April. The next morning, Maxie saw that Levi and Nathan were at odds.

In January , Paevey announced he had opted to leave the serial of his own decision. Paevey's casting was very well received. The character of Nathan becomes quite popular rather quickly among viewers and critics, becoming known as the show's resident heroic "good guy" as he tries to support his mess of a family. At the same time, Nathan's pairing with Maxie becomes a fan favorite pairing and their "slow burn" romance was praised by critics. He starts investigating Dr. It's later revealed that Nathan is actually Nina's brother.

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Ryan Paevey and Kirsten Storms as Nathan West and Maxie Jones. Nathan West and Maxie Jones are fictional characters and a popular former supercouple on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. On August 14, , Kirsten Storms (Maxie) announced that Paevey was back on set.
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