Benny from have and have nots

Tyler Lepley

benny from have and have nots

Benny Unleashes a Beatdown on Jim - Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots - OWN

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Immediately, fans were wondering if this is indeed the end of the long-time character of Benny. Is Benny really going to die? Viewers got a tease of what is to come on the upcoming season of the show. I get what hannah is saying…but those are the same folks… that knew their son…"killed a little boy".. Benny bout to die HAHN. Will Benny TyLepley Live?

After all, unbeknownst to him, he had been preparing for his current role all his life.
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The network recently ordered 16 additional episodes due to the high ratings and great response from the audience. Patrick's Twitter and Instagram: patrickfaucette. Patrick's Facebook. Photo by Corina Marie Howell. Talk about honesty. I sent Patrick Faucette a list of questions that I was sure he would not answer.

When he speaks now, he does not have any reservations. Fox , his mother, but now he says exactly what he wants to say—with little to no regret. Hannah is even surprised by how blunt Benny is now. She frequently has to look at him and tell him that he needs to calm down. Benny appears to be making a stronger effort to bring Candace and Hannah closer together. One of his chief failures thus far in attempting to eviscerate the barriers that exist between Candace and Hannah is the omission of a challenge for Hannah to employ the powerful faith she has in God to help her to have a true willingness to close the gulf between her and her daughter.

Lepley was born and raised in Philadelphia by his mother and stepfather, who has been in his life since the age of 6. Lepley did several sports including track, football, basketball, karate—as a young child—and boxing but focused more on football as he got older. In June , he suffered an injury which nearly ended his football career and later underwent surgery. By the summer of , Lepley was back on the field and was selected as the MVP at sports camp for Villanova University. Lepley went on to graduate from Kutztown in with a degree in criminal justice. Lepley accepted a friend's offer to relocate to Los Angeles in and found work as a personal trainer at Iron Fitness Gym in Santa Monica.

Benny Young

Benny Rescues Quincy Jr. - The Haves and the Have Nots - Oprah Winfrey Network

Is Benny leaving The Haves and Have Nots? Is he dead after being shot?

He is portrayed by Tyler Lepley. Benny is the son of Hanna and her former lover Tony Watson. He is also the younger brother to Candace. He maintains a strong relationship with both of them even though they are at odds with each other. Benny has become a tow truck driver and started up his business doing several tows around the town. When his mother attempts to set him up on a blind date with a young woman from her church he borrows his sister's new car and ends up arrested due to drugs being found in the car. He was bailed out by Veronica Harrington and was welcomed back home during his time at home he calls his mother out for her mistreatment of Candace and while talking he learned the true identity of his father.




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