Colorado search and rescue card

??Colorado Search and Rescue Card: a Good Investment

colorado search and rescue card

Your CORSAR card helps fund rescue missions across the State of Colorado by contributing to the Search and Rescue Fund. Learn More.

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In theory anyway, this will make it easier to recover rescue expenses in cases where human carelessness contributed significantly to the emergency. But is it a good idea, or just populist pulpit-thumping? But society rescues people all the time—Auto accident victims, home fire victims, mumbling homeless people, war refugees, plane crashes, hunters, illegal immigrants, single mothers, old folks, the jobless, drunk local bubbahs — and at far greater cost than wilderness hiker rescues. Many of those lamentable situations are the result of life decisions every bit as poor and irresponsible as the most careless hiker, but few thinking people would dispute the value of providing these safety nets. The difference is that hikers and climbers provide great TV and magazine drama for a general public that thrives on hot footage and an arms-length, love-hate relationship with adventure. Avalanche incidents and crazy mountain climbers make for inherently interesting stories that take the boredom out of feedlot urban life. Beyond that, an awful lot of your basic day-in-day-out SAR work involves rescues that were initiated prematurely.

Injured or lost hikers. Trapped climbers.
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The purchase of this card is essentially a charitable donation to help out the dedicated volunteers, organizations, and government agencies. What the card is NOT? What may be charged is any medical evacuation: ambulance, helicopters, etc. Depending on the situation, the evac may not be charged for as well. A friend of mine suffered from altitude sickness on a backcountry hut trip a decade or so ago. He had to be evacuated. The evac unit needed so many training hours, so the evac team did not charge my friend.

Money generated from the sale of these cards and formally from the hiking certificate goes to the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund, which then provides reimbursement for expenses incurred during search and rescue missions. For anyone holding a Hiking Certificate purchased prior to July 1, , these certificates will be honored for the term of the card. Also note that valid Colorado hunting, fishing, and OHV licenses include the CORSAR funding mechanism, so if you posses such a license you are already contributing a small portion of the cost of your license to the Search and Rescue Fund. You may purchase cards for as many people as you like, so long as you have the following information for each person: name, address, phone number, and date of birth. Cards are also available at many outdoor retailers and where hunting and fishing licenses are sold. Revenue from sales of the CORSAR card goes into a fund that is used to reimburse local sheriffs for the costs associated with rescue missions. Any money left in the fund at the end of the year will be distributed to search and rescue groups in the state to use for education programs, training, and equipment.

Colorado Search and Rescue Fund

The card helps reimburse the expenses of search and rescue missions, by funding the Colorado Search and Rescue Reimbursement Fund. Twenty-five cents of each Colorado hunting and fishing license, and boat, snowmobile and off-highway vehicle registration also goes into the fund. - DURANGO — Adventurists who need to be rescued in Colorado are being asked to buy a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue card because there is no budget for search and rescue missions and volunteers rely on that money to pay for equipment and other costs.




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