How old is tyler and angela on big brother

Tyler Crispen

how old is tyler and angela on big brother

Big Brother is not a dating show, but a surprising number of couples have Shortly after Big Brother ended, Tyler and Angela took a big next step in Tangela is just one couple of many who didn't win the whole thing, but.

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A favorite to win, Tyler became the ringleader of the Level Six alliance early on and was able to use his strategic mind and social charm to earn everyone's trust and control several evictions. He was close with Level Six members Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark and formed a relationship with the former later in the season. Despite being nominated in week 6, he was removed from the block by Angela. He managed to form final 2 deals with everyone in Level Six. He won 3 HoH's and 3 PoV's, making him the eighth male contestant to win six competitions.

But after being part of the Level Six alliance, these two contestants developed real feelings for each other that didn't go unnoticed by viewers. We were so used to living together and sharing a bed together throughout most of the season so going back into my normal life, it felt natural for him to move in with me," Angela shared with E! News exclusively. Tyler added, "It's been great…The move has been so smooth. It feels so natural. I love it. Instead of experiencing the nightlife in Los Angeles, the pair mostly enjoys hanging out at their house and ordering a lot of Postmates.

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