When a phone rings twice and goes to voicemail

Phone rang twice, then went to voice mail- why?

when a phone rings twice and goes to voicemail

If the texts are saying “received” that means that the phone is on and has revieved your text, but if you have an iPhone and they have an.

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We live in a wonderful place and time, when it comes to technology and correspondence. This benefit, however, has its drawbacks, as it leaves a lot of room for passive aggression when things go south. Say, you have a fight with a lifelong friend, next thing you know she's blocking you on Facebook. Did you recently suffer a break up? You can easily block that person's number on your phone. But here's something you may be wondering, what if the tables were turned and someone has blocked you?

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Did he ignore me? User Name Remember Me? What does 2 rings mean and then voicemail? If you called someones cell phone number and you hear 2 rings and then voicemail. Does this mean they ignored your call? I called the first time rang twice, went to voicemail. Then I called again a few minutes later, rang twice and then voicemail again.

When i call it rings twice then goes to voicemail. is the phone off or am i being ignored?

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When the Phone Rings Twice

Sometimes when I call his phone it rings twice and goes to voicemail. Other times it just goes straight to voice mail. Basically, what I am asking you is how pissed.
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