Don henry and kevin ives

Death of Don Henry and Kevin Ives

don henry and kevin ives

Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina, Season 5 Episode 11

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Since shortly after the bodies of her year-old son, Kevin Ives, and his friend, year-old Don Henry, were found early Aug. In an Aug. The lawsuit, filed by attorney R. Chief U. District Judge Brian Miller dismissed most of the agencies from the lawsuit but agreed in November that he would review the unredacted documents at issue from the three remaining defendants — the Executive Office of U. In an order dated Aug. He cleared the U.

By all accounts, Kevin Ives and Don Henry were pretty average teenagers. According to witnesses, the boys had spent most of the night of August 22, , hanging around a local parking lot — a popular spot for teens in the small town of Alexander, Arkansas. But they had no intention of sticking around. When Curtis Henry had realized that neither of the boys had returned home by 5 AM he knew that something had been very wrong. Henry called up Linda Ives and asked if she had seen the boys. Henry admitted that he had allowed the boys to go out hunting that night and that they had never returned that morning.

The apparent murder in Saline County in of seventeen-year-old Kevin Ives and sixteen-year-old Don Henry has spurred ongoing controversy, including conspiracy theories tying their deaths to a drug-smuggling scandal. On Sunday, August 23, , at around a. The bodies were lying between the tracks, wrapped in a pale green tarp; there was a gun nearby. The train was unable to avoid running over the bodies. By a.

On August 23, , a train conductor called in an incident in Arkansas. Unable to stop in time, he had just run over what looked like the bodies of two young men tied to the tracks. Because that explanation seems pretty unlikely, rumors swirled that the boys had stumbled on a drug drop and had been killed as a result. The most bizarre part? He said he had been hired by a local politician to act as hired security for the drop and had witnessed Henry and Ives killed.

Don Henry & Kevin Ives

UM Don Henry and Kevin Ives boys on the tracks

Details: Shortly after midnight on August 23, , seventeen-year-old Kevin Ives and his best friend, sixteen-year-old Don Henry, set out to go night hunting in the wooded area along the railroad tracks near Don's home in Bryant, Arkansas.
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    On August 23, , the bodies of year old Don Henry and year old Kevin Ives, were hit by a cargo train in Alexander, Arkansas as they lay on the tracks.

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