Dave and busters party packages

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dave and busters party packages

BIRTHDAY PACKAGES. Dave & Buster's kids birthday parties are perfect for all ages. With kid-friendly food to keep them fueled for fun and hundreds of games.

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Birthdays are a big deal in our house and the milestone birthdays are an even bigger deal. A birthday usually involves a weekend away, but since my husband, Ryan, was turning 40 this month I asked whether he preferred a party. So I had to put my thinking cap on. I came up with a hundred different ideas, but most involved meeting up with friends for beer like we do all the time. Due to Friday evening rush hour traffic we were running a few minutes late to our own party, but I got an excellent text from a partier who beat us there.

As always, my opinions are my own. When setting up the party, I was able to do everything over the phone and by email. They even offered FREE emailed invitations for our party guests. There are five different party packages to choose from which can help you fit it into your budget. The day of the party went great! Even though I had picked probably the busiest day of the Christmas season to have the party, our server was amazing! She kept the drinks filled and the food came out piping hot.

Saturday started just fine as her and I traveled to Lebanon, Indiana, to have some chili and German chocolate cake. I am not a huge fan of chili, but with the addition of cheese and crackers I managed to make my way through three bowls. I do not like coconut either but I forced myself to enjoy a few pieces of the cake as well. She stated that she would have anywhere between fifteen and twenty people at her party and wanted to secure the seating arrangements as it was a Saturday night that we were planning on celebrating. They made mention to their event planning committee and sent her along her way. When speaking with the event planning committee she was told that the only way to secure seating would be to book a party room.

It exceeded my expectations! I wanted to share my experience so hopefully others will consider having a party there. Reservation Process Booking the party was very easy. I was able to review the package options on the website and then email someone to make the reservation. I was contacted within a day maybe even same day by an event planner, who I continued to have as my direct contact right up until the night of the party.

Looking for a party venue? Enter your party info below and find pricing information for this party venue near you! Not only will you be able to enjoy their tasty dishes but also you can play fun games. Their bar is also full of so many delicious cocktails and beers, you will be amazed at all of the choices! Make your birthday a blast!


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  1. Diane B. says:

    All of our youth birthday party packages come with food, unlimited soda, power cards, and tickets for the birthday child on their card!

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