Guy throws brick at window and it bounces back

Burglar throws rock at window, rock bounces back hits him in the head

guy throws brick at window and it bounces back

A would-be thief in Ireland attempted to break into a car by throwing a brick into the vehicle's window, only for the brick to bounce back and.

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Approaching the man, Gerry told Independent. Backing off slightly, Gerry said he and his partner headed to a nearby petrol station to put some distance between themselves and the man while they called the police. He was still telling them that in the station when I came in with the footage of him getting knocked out by his own brick. They were in stitches. Credit to them, they were straight out when we called and found the guy within minutes.

Prince George's County Police shared security camera footage showing the man successfully breaking into a carryout business in Suitland last month by using a large rock or brick to shatter a window. The "bad luck bandit" then attempts to use the same object to shatter the glass protecting the front counter, but it bounces off the barrier. The man's third attempt causes the object to ricochet and hit him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Odd News. By Ben Hooper. Read More Shoe store burglar steals several right-foot shoes Burglar suspect found wedged between wall, garage Woman calls police to report burglar, officers find squirrel Burglar uses underwear to hide face from cameras.

An attempted burglary in Suitland, Maryland, went all wrong when the suspect's brick ricocheted off bulletproof glass and smashed into his head.
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Two would-be burglars have comically caused their own undoing after one man hurled a brick at the head of his partner-in-crime. The men were attempting a break-in at a building in China using two bricks, but their coordination left a lot to be desired. One thief can be seen throwing his weapon, before perilously walking across the line of fire of his co-conspirator and is subsequently collected by the second projectile. The men can be seen walking into shot across an empty car park before walking towards the building. They face a wall, potentially a window or door, before one unleashes his brick. The incident occurred in the early hours of Valentine's Day outside a nondescript Shanghai warehouse.

Devon and Cornwall have had more than their fair share of dumb criminals over the years - and Plymouth Live named and shamed the city's ten dumbest of But it seems they're all criminal geniuses compared to the hapless hoodlum caught on CCTV in this video that has now gone viral. Footage shows the would-be thick thief trying to break a window by hurling a brick at it. But instead of shattering the glass, the missile bounces straight back - and hits him squarely in the head. The footage then shows him throwing the brick again, this time at a counter protecting the cash register, winding his arm back like a baseball pitcher. But what the suspect did not realise was that the cash register was protected by bullet-proof glass.

Footage shared by the police shows the man getting hit in the face by a brick. They say an action will always have a reaction. A burglar in Maryland learned the truth of this the hard way - by getting hit in the face with a brick. Police in Prince George's County have shared footage of a robbery attempt gone wrong, where a man tries to break into a restaurant by shattering the front glass window with a brick. Unfortunately for him, the glass is bulletproof, and the brick bounces back to hit him in the face. You can watch the video here.

Covering Prince George's County

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Watch: Car thief knocks himself out with brick while trying to break window

His arms are by his sides, but then he raises them to show he is holding a brick in his right hand. As he gets close to the car, he throws the brick right at the driver window - but fate intervenes to punish the man. Instead of breaking through the glass, the brick bounces back and hits the man painfully right in his chest. The man attempting to break into the car is not the only would-be thief to suffer swift justice for his actions. Another car thief was left regretting his attempted break-in after he was caught in the act by the owner - who quickly went on to ensure justice was served.

Thief throwing brick at window and getting hit in face is proof karma exists

Once nothing but bacteria floating in a salty ocean, we grew legs, pulled ourselves up by our boot-straps, and started walking on land. We hunted animals with our bare hands before developing spears and other weapons. We built pyramids. We sent humans into space. We got knocked out trying to throw a brick through a car window. A would-be thief in Ireland attempted to break into a car by throwing a brick into the vehicle's window, only for the brick to bounce back and knock the man unconscious , CCTV video obtained by the Irish Independent shows.



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