Air compressor piping diagrams and tips

Compressor Inlet Piping

air compressor piping diagrams and tips

Simple Set-up for RapidAir Garage Air Line Kits from Eastwood


Let's talk shop When we moved into our Canfield, Ohio plant, we had a shop full of air tools and needed to get set up quickly. We ran temporary rubber air hoses with 4-way crosses and quick connectors. Hoses, crosses and connectors were everywhere! Well, it wasn't long before we started having problems - air drills were failing, air rivet guns would not operate properly, and shears and other air-operated equipment were out of order more often than not.

A compressed air system transfers power in the form of air pressure. A device somewhere else in a workshop can use the energy the compressor creates. The component that connects everything together in a compressed air system is the piping. The piping in your system can make or break the profitability of your enterprise. Lost power through inefficient or faulty piping can wipe out your profit margin and give your competitors an advantage. Pay attention to the layout, installation and maintenance of your compressed air piping system to control costs and keep your business in the black.

Air Piping Layout

When you attach a compressor to an end-user device through the use of a pipe, you have created your very own air compressor piping diagram. All very simple when we speak about it in such terms, but it can be rather more complicated to create.


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