Taylor williamson and heidi klum

Taylor Williamson

taylor williamson and heidi klum

Taylor Williamson's Week 1 Semifinals performance in Episode consisted of joking about "child-appropriate jokes" (in response to Heidi Klum not liking his.

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Photo property of Brett Erickson Photography. While he was the third comedian to reach the finale Grandma Lee in Season Four and Tom Cotter in Season Seven , Taylor became the second comic in show history to come in second place. However, Taylor got the last laugh when Heidi Klum named him her favorite AGT act of all-time during the tenth-anniversary special. Taylor Williamson: Having crowds know who I am, helps a lot. When I am trying out new material for the first time, it is so sweet having a group who trusts that I might be funny and that I know what I am doing. It is like a safety net when the crowd is coming to see you on purpose, compared to a group who does not know who you are and judges you more.

By John Lopez for MailOnline. He was runner-up on last year's America's Got Talent. But Taylor Williamson may have actually won the best prize of all Unfortunately for the stand-up comedian, the couple's romantic relationship is just one of the supermodel's bad dreams in a hysterical clip that aired on the NBC series on Wednesday. Scroll to watch video. The video starts out with the year-old introducing himself and revealing how coming in second on the reality series really affected him despite not winning a million dollars. In the background we hear Heidi say, 'Honey, can you open the pickle jar for me?

Taylor Williamson is an American stand-up comic and actor. He is known for finishing as the on both the August 13 and 20 shows. In the tenth anniversary special of the show, Taylor was named judge Heidi Klum's all-time favorite act.
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Taylor Williamson is an American stand-up comic and actor. He is known for finishing as the runner-up on the eighth season of America's Got Talent and as a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing. Because he was under the age of 21 when he started performing, he would be told to wait outside the comedy club upon completing his set, preventing him from watching other comics. Earlier in his career, he also performed at venues such as coffee houses, pizza parlors, and cafeterias. Williamson's performance trademarks include a dry, awkward stage persona and self-deprecating humor.

This is now the Olympics of talent and you rose to the occasion. It was not only dangerous, it was sexy. It was like Fifty Shades of Danger. In my opinion, what you showed us tonight defines what a champion is. I almost had a panic attack over here.

He finished the competition in 2nd place. Taylor Williamson started performing stand-up comedy while he was a senior in high school in Del Mar, California. He now lives in Los Angeles and travels around the U. Taylor's performance was strong enough for the judges to send him to the Quarterfinals along with John Wing in Episode Taylor finished in fourth place in America's Vote. Taylor received more votes than Chloe Channell , sending Taylor to the Semifinals. Howard Stern and Howie Mandel both gave Taylor standing ovations.

Heidi Klum dreams she's dating America's Got Talent's Taylor Williamson in new video

Heidi Klum and Taylor Williamson Go On a Date - America's Got Talent 2014

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