Lyrics to tequila dan and shay

Meaning of “Tequila” by Dan + Shay

lyrics to tequila dan and shay

Lyrics to "Tequila" song by Dan + Shay: I can still shut down a party I can hang with anybody I can drink whiskey and red wine Champagne all.


It was released through Warner Bros. Nashville on January 10, as the album's lead single. The song also peaked at number 21 on the Hot In Canada, the song reached number 59 on the Canadian Hot and number one on the Canada Country chart. The song is performed in the key of B major in common time with a tempo of 86 beats per minute. Billy Dukes of Taste of Country wrote that the song is characterized by a "strong sense of melody and even stronger vocals", and complimented the songwriting as being "vivid and full of color". Betts of Rolling Stone noted that the duo successfully subvert expectations with the song's title and wrote that "Tequila" is a "nostalgic tale of heartbreak and regret.

In fact the meaning behind the song is something extremely relatable, and during an exclusive interview with iHeartRadio, the guys opened up about the song and how it evolved from the idea of a "fun party song" into something more emotional. In a handwritten thank you note to fans at the end of , the guys wrote "As exciting as the past 2 years have been, we're over the moon with excitement for what's to come in We have been so passionately working on the new project, and promise, it is, by far, our best work yet. Jordan had suggested writing a song called "Tequila," which at first sounded like a "fun party song, kind of up tempo vibe. They explain:. People have nostalgic attachments to senses like smells and tastes and sounds, and tequila is one of those things. Libations of any kind will take you back to a certain place [and] make you see certain things, and it's kind of a story like that.

When you taste "Tequila," does a certain song come to mind? But as it turns out, music fans from multiple genres couldn't help but fall in love with the heartfelt lyrics and catchy beat. Sometimes a piano ballad is a little risky to put out as a radio single, but we put ['Tequila'] out, and immediately we could feel the reaction was, like, so elevated," Dan shared with Billboard. It's cool that we trusted our gut on that one. NBD, right?

Tequila Info. Betts of Rolling Stone noted that the duo successfully subvert expectations with the song's title and wrote that "Tequila" is a "nostalgic tale of heartbreak and regret. Like the actor himself, DiMarco's character is deaf, and throughout the video he can be seen teaching Turkovich's character various words and phrases in sign language. The sign for tequila is featured prominently. After a brief romance, the pair separate when DiMarco's character departs to finish his journey alone. However, the two are reunited at the bar where they first grabbed drinks. Dan told Nash Country Daily that the duo were "so inspired by" Nyle's advocacy for the deaf community and hoped to use their video as another platform for this.


Dan + Shay - Tequila


Here Are the Lyrics to Dan + Shay's 'Tequila'



Dan + Shay:Tequila Lyrics



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