Pink and purple girls room

Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

pink and purple girls room

Bedroom Design Ideas For Girls - Cool & Beautiful Teenage Bedrooms

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Bedroom designs are often difficult to carry out, especially if it is for a teenage girl. But purple is one other color that girls just love that much. Purple is one color whose every shade looks lovely, be it dark or light. Purple bedroom ideas might prove just perfect for your teenage daughter. You can choose a color scheme of different shades of purple coupled with other colors such as a pink, white, or black to give a unique and contemporary look to teenage girls bedrooms.

These two colors can be rather difficult to pair with anything else, such as decor and other paint ideas. If you are having a tough time trying to figure out how to coordinate them , check out this list of 28 rooms that have taken purple and teal to a whole new level. Learn More. This room is perfect for a child or teenager who has two favorite colors. The teal walls are great for brightening up the room naturally and the purple curtains and details on the comforter make for a nice accent color.

Purple is an attractive color, because it brings pleasure to the eyes. With purple, there are a lot of ideas that you can come up with, such as a simple bedroom with purple walls. To ease your sight, another alternative is to mix purple with other colors, such as white, green or yellow. Then, you can adjust the atmosphere by combining the mood—that comes from the color choice—and the furnishing choice. If not painting the entire walls with purple, at least, you give the room with pops of purple. That is actually enough to bring the dramatic effect into your bedroom.

Pink and Purple Toddler Room

A fresh alternative to the traditional pink palette, purple is fast becoming a nursery favorite. - When we bought our house 2 years ago, we moved from a 2-bedroom townhome in the city to a 4-bedroom home in the suburbs with twice the space. Needless to say, our son and daughter were finally going to have their own bedrooms so we let our daughter pick the paint color for her room.

Girls Bedroom Home Decor that You Can DIY on a Budget

Pink and purple are two of the most popular colors for a girl's bedroom. Girly girls of any age from the toddler years to the teens love the feminine, whimsical style of these fun hues. With shades ranging from the softest pastels to the brightest fuchsia and deepest purple, a pink and purple room can be adapted to many different styles. You have many choices when it comes to the walls. White is always fresh, and keeps a room from being overwhelming. Soft pink or purple are very feminine. An outgoing or dramatic girl might want her walls painted bright pink or a deep shade of lavender.

pink and purple girls room - Love the two tones on the wall.
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