Jackie chan and chris rock

Chris Tucker Confirms 'Rush Hour 4' Is a Go

jackie chan and chris rock

Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan - Best Scene From Rush Hour 3


Top definition. They will bring an end to the world by causing people to laugh in incredible amounts. Chan :"Ofcourse i don't! He was Smokey on the first 'Friday' movie! And you know this

Reboot and sequel announcements are a dime a dozen nowadays, but sometimes, just sometimes, a reboot will be announced and literally knock everyone off their feet. During his time on the podcast, Tucker spoke about a range of other subjects besides Rush Hour. He explored his inspiration for his iconic character Smokey on Friday , and what lines fans quote at him the most. Tucker has been talking down appearing in another Friday movie since Tucker also spoke a little about sports and shared some Michael Jackson stories.

In a development that would surely rock the world of entertainment, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have teased us with the possibility of a long-awaited fourth installment in the venerable franchise by way of a post to Tucker's Instagram. It's just a selfie of the two stars together, but they're both holding up four fingers, so you tell us what that's all about if not the impending announcement of a world-shattering four-quel. Although Ratner's involvement in any further installments is in no way a certainty — he's dealing with a deluge of accusations involving his alleged propensity for sexual harrassment, after all — a fourth installment in the franchise has long been rumored. Then, early last year, Chris Tucker chimed in to say that, yes, the sequel was absolutely, positively happening. Later that year, Ratner was reported to have told those in his circle that he was going to direct the flick; neither hide nor hair has been seen of him since, other than the director taking to Instagram to curse a blue streak in celebration of his fiftieth birthday. But if Tucker is to be believed, there's been an agreed-upon script completed for a couple years, and the year old Chan — despite the fact that over the course of his career, he's sustained injuries that would kill a Terminator about five times over — is game. In a interview with Los Angeles' Power radio station, the star said, "It's about [having] time to make it.

Jackie Chan has revealed that a fourth entry in the Rush Hour series is closer than we think. With ten years now passed since their last on-screen union, Chan has some good news for fans - the fourth installment's script has been written. Chris Tucker agrees. The Rush Hour films - all directed by Brett Ratner - follow a pair of police detectives and the series of misadventures they find themselves embroiled in. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Rush Hour 4: Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan tease possible sequel in Instagram post

Robert Downey Jr. - Christopher Tucker born August 31, is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and book writer. He is known for playing the role of Smokey in F.

Rush Hour 4: Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan tease possible sequel in Instagram post



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