Women tied up and gagged

New Zealand woman dies after escaping, bound and gagged, from boot of car

women tied up and gagged

hot girl hogtied and ball gagged

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Thieves attacked two shop workers before stealing Asian jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, Scotland Yard said. The suspects tied up and gagged a woman and elderly man who work at the store as they spent almost half an hour emptying display cabinets of bracelets, necklaces, bangles and rings, the Metropolitan Police said. Aron Jewellers specialises in Asian jewellery and many items are purchased by clients specifically for Asian weddings, police said. The two men visited the shop at about The suspects asked to view another item of jewellery in a display cabinet before one of the men jumped over the display counter. He grabbed the woman around the neck and put something over her face, causing her to pass out, police said. Hearing her scream, the elderly male staff member ran to the front of the store and was confronted by the other suspect.

They found a woman tied up inside. We are told she was cut with a knife and had a gag in her mouth. The police report released Friday says the suspect is charged with rape, aggravated assault, armed robbery, burglary, and possession of a weapon during a crime. Even though she was bound and gagged, the woman was able to call her friends via FaceTime, which is a video call application on a smartphone. With the woman still on FaceTime, her friends dialed The call starts with woman and then switches over to a man.

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Teng Aai Hong, 36, said her five-year-old daughter was tied up and gagged by her headmistress for being too noisy., Santa Ana police detectives determined Tuesday evening that a woman found bound and gagged inside a vacant home in Santa Ana was not kidnapped. The woman, who is homeless, told authorities earlier in the day that she was abducted hours earlier close to the bike trail near Rousselle Street.

17-Year-Old Girl Found Bound and Gagged on Carlsbad Freeway

A woman has died in New Zealand after escaping from the boot of a car, bound, gagged, covered in blood and frothing at the mouth. Witnesses have described seeing the woman, named by police as Jindarat Prutsiriporn, fall from the boot of a white sedan on a busy street in South Auckland at about 7pm on Tuesday. She was unresponsive to people who came to her aid and medical services. Four people witnessed the incident, and one tried to pursue the fleeing vehicle but was unable to take down the registration number of the car. When I went there I saw this lady lying on the road, on her back, and she was frothing in her mouth and her legs and hands were tied up. My immediate reaction was it was a kind of kidnapping or something, and she was able to get herself free.



Policewomen gagged & crying

Horror ordeal for 56-year-old woman bound, gagged during robbery


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    THREE illegal immigrants were in custody in Paris today after a teenager was found tied up and gagged after allegedly being gang raped underneath the Eiffel Tower.

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