Sly and the family stone dance to the music

Dance to the Music

sly and the family stone dance to the music

Sly & The Family Stone - Higher And Higher (live 1969) HD 0815007

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Head Guide W. Head To Head Merchandiser. The Book of Seth. The Seth Man , March ce. Drummer Gregg Errico pounded out beats, off-beats and snare rolls boisterously strident and always to the best use. And directing it all was Sly Stone: on vocals, electric keyboards and writing, produced and arranging everything.

This is exuberant music, bursting with joy and invention. If there's a shortage of classic material, with only the title track being a genuine classic, that winds up being nearly incidental, since it's so easy to get sucked into the freewheeling spirit and cavalier virtuosity of the group. Consider this -- prior to this record no one, not even the Family Stone , treated soul as a psychedelic sun splash, filled with bright melodies, kaleidoscopic arrangements, inextricably intertwined interplay, and deft, fast rhythms. Yes, they wound up turning "Higher" into the better "I Want to Take You Higher" and they recycle the title track in the long jam "Dance to the Medley," but there's such imagination to this jam that the similarities fade as they play. And, if these are just vamps, well, so are James Brown 's records, and those didn't have the vitality or friendliness of this. Not a perfect record, but a fine one all the same. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Sly and the Family Stone had already made their mark as a blended group of forward-thinking musicians before Dance to the Music arrived on April 27, Both black and white, both male and female, they burst onto the scene with a similarly heady blend of soul, pop and jazz. What they hadn't done is make much of a dent in the charts. It's no accident that this finally happened with the Family Stone's second studio effort. Dance to the Music was always meant to be their breakout record. Its success not only bolstered the fledgling band, but helped set the stage for the development of funk as a new musical direction. At this point, it was called psychedelic soul — and the Family Stone suddenly became the standard bearers.

It contains the Top Ten hit single of the same name , which was influential in the formation and popularization of the musical subgenre of psychedelic soul and helped lay the groundwork for the development of funk music. The Family Stone itself never thought very highly of Dance to the Music while they were recording it; its existence was the result of CBS executive Clive Davis ' request for Sly Stone to make his sound more pop friendly. To appease his employer, Sly developed a formula for the band's recordings, which would still promote his visions of peace, brotherly love, and anti-racism while appealing to a wider audience. Most of the resulting Family Stone songs feature each lead singer in the band Sly, Freddie Stone , Larry Graham , and newcomer Rose Stone sharing the lead vocals by either singing them in unison or taking turns singing bars of each verse. In addition, the songs contained significant amounts of scat singing and prominent solos for each instrumentalist. The formula not only worked in selling records, but influenced the entire music industry.

It was the first single by the band to reach the Billboard Pop Singles Top 10 , peaking at 8 and the first to popularize the band's sound, which would be emulated throughout the black music industry and dubbed " psychedelic soul ". None of the band members particularly liked "Dance to the Music" when it was first recorded and released. Bandleader Sly Stone crafted a formula, blending the band's distinct psychedelic rock leanings with a more pop -friendly sound. The result was what saxophonist Jerry Martini called "glorified Motown beats. However, "Dance to the Music" did what it was supposed to do: it launched Sly and the Family Stone into the pop consciousness.

Dance to the Music (song)




50 Years Ago: Sly and the Family Stone Go Mainstream With ‘Dance to the Music’




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