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He is handicapped, uses a wheelchair to get around, and has a limited vocabulary consisting only of his own name and a small handful of other words and phrases, he is Rarely seen doing this, however. After a decade of being known simply as "Timmy", his full name was revealed to be "Timmy Burch" in the episode " T. One of Timmy's most notable traits, together with being the only child who uses a wheelchair in the fourth-grade class at South Park Elementary , is his limited vocabulary. He mostly says his name and the slurred phrase "livin' a lie. In several episodes, Timmy has said other basic words and names. The Musical ", he is able to say the name he had given his pet turkey, Gobbles. He says "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld!

Various student characters attend the fictional school South Park Elementary in the animated television show South Park. The school is one of the most prominent settings on the show, the narrative of which revolves mostly around the students. While there have been a few characters from varying grades have been depicted in recurring minor roles, the students in the fourth grade —including central characters Stan Marsh , Kyle Broflovski , Kenny McCormick , and Eric Cartman —receive the primary focus of the series. The fourth grade class is taught throughout most of the series by Mr. Garrison, with a hiatus between seasons 4 and 6 when he is replaced by Ms. These students also attended class under Mr. Garrison during their previous time as third graders during South Park ' s first three-and-a-half seasons.

Jimmy, Timmy and Clyde all listen to Taylor Swift together and once in middle school they all went to one of her concerts. Jimmy, after getting Timmy to come over: What m-music is better to b-b-blast at a club? Any of the Goths Send pm if applying to Firkle for further details. The asks on here are shitty bc I suck with Tumblr. I really want new people for this roleplay and we could use some new people.

Jimmy Valmer , formerly Jimmy Swanson , is a male fourth grader. He is voiced by Trey Parker. Originally created as a one time character for " Cripple Fight " as a rival for Timmy Burch , he quickly became a fan favorite and plays a supporting role in many episodes. He and Timmy became best friends and less of a rival to one another. Like Timmy, the humor of Jimmy's character comes from his endless optimism despite his handicap. His disability is not mocked; rather his exaggerated eagerness to be a successful "handi-capable" person.

In the episode, the boys join a Mountain Scouts troop originally led by Big Gay Al , who is fired due to his homosexuality. Stan , Cartman , Kenny , and Timmy have joined Mountain Scouts troop number 69 and are on their way to their first meeting. When they arrive, they find that their scoutmaster is Big Gay Al. The boys enjoy themselves at the meeting and decide that they like Mountain Scouts, but some parents fear that Big Gay Al will be a poor influence on the boys and that he may be a pedophile. A new, masculine, scoutmaster named Mr. Grazier is appointed and he promises the parents he will whip the boys into line and make them good scouts, but proceeds to force them to pose for naked pictures with a threat to beat them up if they let this slip. Meanwhile, Jimmy , a new handicapped boy, comes to town and also joins Mountain Scouts.

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Take for example Jimmy Valmer, the disabled comedian. I want to introduce you to someone very special here tonight.,


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Timmy and Jimmy become friends in subsequent episodes. The South Park Studios FAQ states that the names of many South Park characters, including.
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