Soulja boy and nia riley

Soulja Boy Assaulted Nia Riley On Marriage Boot Camp - Video

soulja boy and nia riley

He's Not a MAN, He's Soulja BOY! - Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition

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Trouble in paradise? The physical altercation happened in the middle of the night, when everyone else was asleep, and Soulja Boy started accusing Nia of embarrassing him on TV. She kept yelling at him to be quiet, while she stared at her phone. And that irritated him so badly that he jumped out of bed, charged at her, and then jumped on top of her while trying to grab her phone from her. Nia started screaming and the entire house woke up and came running to see what was going on.

RaquelHarris March 6, News Leave a comment. The year started off strong for rapper and beatmaker Soulja Boy Tellem, as he recently made a major comeback launching his entrepreneurial foundation in the tech industry. Nia and Soulja joined other celeb couples in a house that was monitored daily by producers. In the video, viewers can see Soulja and Nia having a verbal disagreement that becomes physical fast. The two have known each other for more than a decade but only dated for three to four years. She said they met when she was around Only because I felt like at that time, in that relationship, I like I kinda had to like hide a lot of things pretty much.

Riley touched on the abuse she suffered during her 10 year relationship with Soulja, her starting to see a different side of Soulja during the filming of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood , and how the rapper seems to fall in love with women for attention. Riley details how things things were different after joining Love and Hip-Hop.
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This rumor is nowhere nearly as positive as filming for the WE tv reality show. What else would you expect from a fake arse gangster, he has no street creds he gotta feel through someway, what better way then beat up on women. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Hours ago, she called

Getty Soulja Boy and Nia Riley split. Soulja Boy has run into a mess of relationship troubles as of late. Beyond his split from longtime girlfriend and fellow Marriage Boot Camp star Nia Riley, the rapper had a brief fling with Blac Chyna that resulted in an Instagram feud and several disses from Chyna herself. Soulja and Riley have had a tumultuous relationship on Marriage Boot Camp. On the latest episode, the couple got into a heated physical fight after Riley announced that they were splitting up.

Love & Hip Hopís Nia Riley Alludes To Abuse From Soulja Boy? Rapper Spotted W/ Mehgan James

As Nia urged Soulja to be quiet, the lyricist took aim at her phone and jumped on top of her to violently take it from her hands. At this point, Nia let out a bone chilling scream that woke the entire house up from their sleep. -





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    Nia Riley sat down for an interview with TMZ's Van Lathan on Red Pill Podcast and detailed claims of physical abuse from her former partner.

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    Nia Riley & Soulja Boy Involved In A Physical Altercation | MadameNoire

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