Let go and let god meditation

Be Still, Let Go, Trust

let go and let god meditation

Here are three simple steps to help you let go and let God love you, lead you and guide you. This step by step audio program and meditations will show you.

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Greetings and divine blessings for all of you here, my dearest friends. With joy and love I resume a new working season to give you all the assistance and guidance you could possibly require. Your growth continues to the degree you truly desire it. It has already borne wonderful fruit and will continue to do so. Everyone of you may find in the words I am privileged to speak this evening what you most need now. If you try to listen with your inner ear, see with your inner eye, feel with your innermost being, and let the doubting mind rest, you will find exactly what you most need for your development.

If you are anxious, tense, or concerned about anything in your life, dear friend, begin now to relax, let go, and let God fill your need. No matter what seems to be missing from your life—be it a much-loved person, a special place, an activity of great value, or a feeling of well-being—know that God is right now filling your need. Take a deep breath. Release it slowly, telling yourself quietly: I let go. I let God fill my need. Accept the reality that God's wisdom is ever present and available, ready to fill you with new understanding, light, and life. Let God fill every void, every emptiness that seems to separate you from the desires of your heart.

When you're faced with these times, the answer is to totally let go and trust God to Learning to be still through meditation and letting go and letting God are the.
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Listen to Christian Meditation : Let Go and Let God now.

Lately, my personal practice has been focused on trust and surrender and asking for help to let go of that which I no longer need. Ask and you shall receive. During a recent reiki session, the most beautiful meditation came to me.

Episode #7 Guided Meditation: Let go, Let God, Let love

We tell ourselves that surrender is a sign of weakness. Many of us have been taught to believe that our Creator is strict and punishing. This is a false image of God created by the illusionary ego part of our mind which thinks we separated from God and should therefore be punished. The ego mind projects an image of a judging, vengeful god because it sees itself as bad, guilty and deserving punishment. In Truth, however, our Creator is the Source of unconditional Love that always sees us as It created us — the same pure loving Essence as Itself. However, if you believe that God is outside of you, judging your every move, the thought of surrendering to It will evoke tremendous fear.

Let Go & Let God (MP3)

Or maybe you are in a situation that is really difficult, causing fear and worry. Trust is key in living a victorious life. So, why is trust so hard? Letting go is scary. Learning to be still through meditation and letting go and letting God are the subjects in this video and podcast link below.

At 41 weeks pregnant birth is definitely imminent and on my mind. To say I am excited to experience birth again is an understatement. But I know many women don't feel that way. I believe it comes back to our beliefs and feelings around birth - our personal birth story - and the collective story we are fed from a very young age. It's hard to feel positive about something when you've only ever heard, read, witnessed birth via FEAR. Negative portrayals, birth wrapped in intervention and an image of it as horrendous, painful and brutal experience.


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