Where is ahab and jezebel in the bible

Bible Story of Jezebel

where is ahab and jezebel in the bible

Elijah & Elisha - GOD JESUS destroys baal prophets - Ahab & Jezebel - Chapter 6

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She married Northern Israel's King Ahab, and the couple was established in the northern capital of Samaria. As King Ahab's wife, Jezebel mandated that her religion should be the national religion of Israel and organized guilds of prophets of Ba'al and Asherah As a result, Jezebel is described as an enemy of God who was "killing off the Lord's prophets" 1 Kings In response, the prophet Elijah accused King Ahab of abandoning the Lord and challenged Jezebel's prophets to a contest. They were to meet him at the top of Mt.

According to the Biblical narrative, Jezebel incited her husband King Ahab to abandon the worship of Yahweh and promote worship of the deities Baal and Asherah on a national scale. In addition, she persecuted the prophets of Yahweh and personally organized the execution of Naboth , a law-abiding landowner, after Ahab coveted his land. For these transgressions against the God and people of Israel, Jezebel met a gruesome death— thrown out of a window by members of her own court retinue, and the flesh of her corpse eaten by stray dogs.
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Jezebel , also spelled Jezabel , died c. By interfering with the exclusive worship of the Hebrew God, Yahweh , by disregarding the rights of the common people, and by defying the great prophets Elijah and Elisha , she provoked the internecine strife that enfeebled Israel for decades. She has come to be known as an archetype of the wicked woman. Most of the prophets of Yahweh were killed at her command. Looking down from her window, Jezebel taunted Jehu , the general who had overthrown and killed her son.

Jezebel was a Phoenician princess in the 9th century who married Ahab, the prince of Israel. Eventually, they ruled as king and queen. Jezebel continued worship the nature god Baal. Her citizens and the Yahweh prophet Elijah despised such actions. Preparing herself to be murdered by General Jehu, she applied makeup and dressed in finery before she was thrown over her balcony and eaten by dogs. In B. Israel was racked by internal tribal differences and, subsequently, became susceptible to frequent invasions.


King David had been absent from the scene of Hebrew history for about years when this story opens.,


Jezebel was the daughter of Ithobaal I of Sidon and the wife of Ahab, King of Israel, according to the Book of Kings of the.
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    For more than two thousand years, Jezebel has been saddled with a reputation as the bad girl of the Bible, the wickedest of women.

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