Vice presidential debate between joe biden and paul ryan

Joe Biden Vs. Paul Ryan: The 15 Best Tweets About the Vice Presidential Debate

vice presidential debate between joe biden and paul ryan

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Complete - ABC News and Yahoo News: The Candidates Debate

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So many assessments of the vice president including this one! His performance in the debate against Paul Ryan illustrates why. I confess that I have long understood, conceptually, the rap on Joe Biden: prolix, hair-plugged, imprecise, plagiaristic, gassy, and—in the case of the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings 21 years ago this month—ludicrously or lamentably meandering. To that indictment, I can only rejoin that in something close to 20 years of intermittent close observation or contact with him in Washington, he has always been serious, sober, curious, well staffed, well briefed, and superbly well informed. And why not? He has been among the top elected officials in the country since I was in seventh grade. And within the opening minutes, it was clear that he had.

The moderators for the debates were announced on August 13, All four debates took place between 9 p. EDT 6 p. Subsequently, on October 3, , both campaigns executed a memorandum of understanding governing technical and administrative details of the debate. Romney and Obama were also invited, but declined to participate. EDT on October 30, featuring the top two candidates from the post-debate poll conducted after the first debate.

In the normal course of events, vice-presidential debates, much like vice-presidents themselves, don't particularly matter. And this may well prove to be the case with Thursday night's confrontation in Kentucky. But if it is, it won't be for lack of trying on the part of Joe Biden, whose high-energy performance — part angry bar-room debater, part condescending elder uncle, part comic mime artist — frequently seemed to leave Paul Ryan overwhelmed. On more than one occasion, the Republican candidate visibly gulped. It's dispiriting, of course, that political discourse should have been reduced to such displays of alpha-male dominance, but there were times when the debate might have benefited from a whispering David Attenborough voiceover: "And so the victorious older male, having bared his cosmetically enhanced teeth, stalks away, muttering: 'With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey …'".

Paul Ryan during the lone vice presidential debate of the campaign. Here on the campus of Centre College, it was Biden who seized control of the event early and assailed Ryan with a stream of caustic one-liners and emotionally charged accusations against both members of the GOP ticket. He set the tone for the evening early, when Ryan rebuked the White House for not securing a U. Later, when Ryan cited John F. He focused on a narrower set of message points that have defined the Romney-Ryan message: accusing the White House of pursuing a foreign policy of weakness and a domestic policy based on mathematically questionable tax policies anchored in class warfare. Look at where we are.

I'm Martha Raddatz of ABC News, and I am honored to moderate this debate between two men who have dedicated much of their lives to public service. Tonight's debate is divided between domestic and foreign policy issues. And I'm going to move back and forth between foreign and domestic, since that is what a vice president or president would have to do. We will have nine different segments. At the beginning of each segment, I will ask both candidates a question, and they will each have two minutes to answer.

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Joe Biden's alpha-male display leaves Paul Ryan overwhelmed in VP debate






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