Atlantic and pacific ocean meeting point

Mythbusting 'the place where two oceans meet' in the Gulf of Alaska

atlantic and pacific ocean meeting point

Atlantic And Pacific Where Two Seas Meet Cannot Mix Is Very Simple And Explained In The Bible

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The borders of the oceans are the limits of the Earth 's oceanic waters. The definition and number of oceans can vary depending on the adopted criteria. Though generally described as several separate oceans, the world's oceanic waters constitute one global, interconnected body of salt water sometimes referred to as the World Ocean or global ocean. The major oceanic divisions are defined in part by the continents , various archipelagos , and other criteria. Smaller regions of the oceans are called seas , gulfs , bays , straits , and other names.

Jump to navigation. If you have come across this video on various social media platforms, do not believe it. The viral video in question shows an ocean with a clear separation line, with blue water on one side and murky on the other. It claims that this is the meeting point of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, where "they touch but do not mix with each other". This is not the meeting point of the two major oceans, but a river meeting the Pacific Ocean at the Strait of Georgia near Vancouver Island, Canada.

This erroneous claim emerges quite regularly online but has a simple scientific explanation. Just one post in English got more than , views. Most of the posts say that the video shows the meeting point between the two oceans. The same video has also been said to show where the river Congo meets the Atlantic Ocean , or even the dividing line between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. The one thing all these videos have in common is that the video quality is mediocre — and it is likely that a better-quality version of the video exists somewhere on the internet. But we cannot find the original video simply by doing a reverse image search click here to learn how to do an image seach. The false information has been shared so many times that there are now hundreds of variations on the same post.

Forgot my password. A picture from the Gulf of Alaska that has been making the rounds on the Internet for the last few years -- though particularly in recent weeks -- shows a strange natural phenomenon that occurs when heavy, sediment-laden water from glacial valleys and rivers pours into the open ocean. There in the gulf, the two types of water run into each other, a light, almost electric blue merging with a darker slate-blue. Informally dubbed "the place where two oceans meet," the explanation for the photo is a simple one, though there are many misconceptions about it, including that catchy title. In particular on popular link-sharing website Reddit, where users have on multiple occasions erroneously attributed the photo's location as " Where the Baltic and North Sea meet " and the two types of water as being completely incapable of ever mixing, instead perpetually butting against each other like a boundary on a map.

Fact Check: No, this is not the meeting point of Atlantic and Pacific oceans

Where Two Oceans Meet, Debunked

Borders of the oceans

Many scientists say that we know more about outer space than the depths of our oceans. With so many mysteries about our oceans yet to be solved, they continue to fascinate scientists and geographers everywhere. How are they distinguishable? Surely they just mix? This rugged headland lies at the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago at the very tip of South America.



Top 10 Ocean Phenomena

No, this video doesn’t show the point where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans “meet but don’t mix”





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