Teen mom young and pregnant

Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

teen mom young and pregnant

'Cheer Up' Official Sneak Peek - Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant - MTV

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When the cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant finished filming the most recent Reunion special in November, MTV had yet to decide whether or not to renew the youngest member of the Teen Mom franchise for another season. The moms shared their good-byes to each other on social media, as they openly wondered whether or not this would be the last time they would be filming. And at least some of the cast members found out soon after because they were filming as early as December! Fans of the show might be confused by MTV calling the new episodes Season 2, but that is because the network did that thing where they opted to extend the first season resulting in a Season 1A and season 1B. The new season is expected to premiere in late spring or early summer of As we previously reported , the first half of Season 1 finished on a very high note as the final three episodes including the Reunion finished well above , viewers. Season 1B premiered on October 15 to a much lower number of , and that number continued to drop.

Most of the girls have been filming for Season 2 since mid-December. There were rumors of Young and Pregnant being renewed over the summer, but apparently, MTV didn't reach the decision to order more episodes until November. It's a clever workaround that MTV and Viacom use to avoid having to renegotiate contracts every year. You know a franchise has been around for a long time when it starts delivering mouthful titles like that one. If there was a standout in season 1A, it was likely Jones, whose feud with Farrah Abraham made her a fan favorite on Instagram.

On June 27, , the show's first season was extended to include a B season, that began airing on October 15 and concluded on December 17, Brianna Jaramillo from Portland, Oregon. Brianna is the mother of Braeson Messiah Jaramillo who was born on August 26, Brianna began a relationship with Robert Reams since early and called it quits in October Ashley Jones from Vallejo, California. Kayla Sessler from Cortland, Illinois.

Brianna's ex Danae moves forward in his transition as a transgender man, but before he gets his top surgery, he needs to repair his strained relationship with his mom. After a season full of ups and downs, the cast joins hosts Angela Simmons and psychologist Dr. Joy Bradford to rehash their hardships as well as the successes in their lives. Ashley reconnects with Bar despite her family's objections , Brianna tackles her issues in therapy, and Kyler is reluctant to invite his mom to Tobias's birthday. Ashley asks Bar to stay away from Holly's birthday party, Brianna sets her sights on college, Kayla gets mixed messages from Stephan, and Jade reaches her breaking point.

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: NOT Canceled! Actually Coming Back For Another Season!

Most of the girls have been filming for Season 2 since mid-December. Just to clarify, the season that ended in December was technically still Season 1.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

And though the finale left a few things open-ended for Brianna, Kayla, Lexi, Ashley and Jade, the reunion -- hosted by fellow young mama Angela Simmons -- thankfully resolved a whole lot of our lingering questions. Scroll down to find out the nine biggest queries we had after the series wrapped -- and the answers given at the women's sitdowns. Then tell us what you think of the big reveals, what other questions you wish were answered at the reunion and if you're surprised by any of the moms' revelations. Yes, the baby spent one night with Danae, but it didn't go well. Danae claimed he kept calling Brianna that night for help and she never answered because she was out with another guy Robert.



Teen Mom Young and Pregnant renewed for another season by MTV



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    Ashley, Brianna, Jade, Kayla and Lexi are five teenagers who must navigate the complexities of pregnancy and becoming young mothers.

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