Nina dobrev and paul wesley

'Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev: I 'despised' onscreen lover Paul Wesley

nina dobrev and paul wesley

Paley Fest Panel 2014 - Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev

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Yes, Nina recently made headlines when she admitted that she and Paul "despised" each other when they first starred as Elena and Stefan on the CW show, but that's all in the past now. Paul told a small group of reporters after the Tell Me a Story TCA panel, "I think the point that Nina was making, and that I'll totally back her up on this, is that we totally clashed the first couple years in terms of just getting on each other's nerves, and then developed this wonderful friendship. And I think a lot of my friendships are like that. Nina seems to have a slightly different perspective on their animosity towards one another. She likened it to being "married," but without the sex. So while they may have been forced to spend time together on the Vampire Diaries set in the past, they now actively choose to spend time together.

But given their chemistry on screen, Nina Dobrev Elena and Paul Wesley Stefan surprisingly didn't get on at the start of the show in real life. Speaking on Candice King and Kayla Ewell's podcast Directionally Challenged , Dobrev admitted that the pair "despised each other so much" before their relationship improved. I didn't like Paul Wesley. And I remember everyone would walk up to me after the show aired and they'd be like, 'Are you and Paul dating in real life? I realise now that there's a fine line between love and hate, and we despised each other so much that it read as love, but we really just didn't get along for the first five months of shooting. Dobrev continued that she and Wesley get along really well now, and remain in touch.

And although Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev 's acting was so convincing that it had diehard fans of the series wondering if they were dating in real life, Wesley revealed on Thursday August 1 that it was actually quite the opposite. As it turns out, the co-stars didn't get along at all for the first several years of filming — something Dobrev opened up about for the first time in a podcast this past June. When asked about Dobrev's recent comments regarding their rocky friendship at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Wesley completely agreed with the actress. But of course, it took Wesley and Dobrev a while to get to the place they're at now. And Wesley believes that much of the reason the two didn't get along at first was likely because of all the time they spent together. You're like, 'Oh, you know, I'm exhausted and tired.

Although Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley played lovers on The Vampire Diaries , they initially felt very differently about each other off-camera.
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Nina Dobrev made Vampire Diaries headlines again this year when she went on the Directionally Challenged podcast and said she and her costar, Paul Wesley , despised each other when the show began. Wesley had a chance to speak for himself today. Wesley understands that Dobrev sharing that story makes juicy new headlines. We talk all the time. That part of the story is true.

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev reveals she and Paul Wesley "despised each other so much" on set


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Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley ‘Despised Each Other’ While Filming ‘Vampire Diaries’







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