Cory booker and t bone

Cory Booker’s Imaginary Friend

cory booker and t bone

How Cory Booker sees himself standing out from the crowded 2020 field

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Episode Gaffe-Prone, but Going Strong. Trump Denies U. Involvement in Failure of Iranian Rocket Launch. The Math, the Prime Minister, and the Speaker. What If Obama Endorses Warren? Is the Future Vegan? The Amazon Scam.

You are now logged in. Forgot your password? Cory Booker's D—N. As Reason 's Elizabeth Nolan Brown noted this morning, Booker's strengths include his strong support for criminal justice reform. Plus, he's already called for weed legalization nationwide.

Those who knew Booker then said the character was a fabrication. Frank Lautenberg, the tale of T-Bone is back with a vengeance. An article published Thursday in the conservative National Review rehashed the story, quoting respected Newark historian Clement Price, who said the mayor confessed to him that T-Bone was a tall tale. The Booker campaign declined to comment but spokesman Kevin Griffis cited previous comments Booker has made in which he insisted T-Bone was a real person but conceded he was used to illustrate a larger point. He is 1, percent a real person," Booker said in Now, six years later, those who chided Booker then said it was too late to worry about the veracity of T-Bone.

Cory Booker spun around and saw the woman standing on the stoop of her squat three-story apartment building. Her name is Stephanie. They apparently have known each other for a while.
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Senator Cory Booker has been auditioning for president ever since he shoveled snow off of a sidewalk in as the mayor of Newark, N. Can his nice guy act win him the Democratic nomination for president? However, if he doesn't win the nomination, it won't be because of Kamala Harris or Beto O'Rourke — but it might be because of a guy named T-Bone. When Booker was recounting his years in Newark, often while running for office, he used to tell people a story about a person named T-Bone , a drug dealer who had once menaced him but later came seeking his help to stay out of prison only to then recount and cry about his difficult childhood. T-Bone could never be found — and everyone from political supporters to the National Review tried. In , when confronted about it by a Washington Post reporter, Booker went on to tell a long- winded story about how the media is quite unfair.



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    The tale of T-Bone: Cory Booker's past statements haunt him on campaign trail -

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    AP On Thursday, National Review's Eliana Johnson wrote a detailed account that alleged a key character in one of Cory Booker's frequent campaign-trail stories — a drug dealer named T-Bone who once threatened Booker's life but then became his friend — is imaginary.

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    Basically every time the guy opens his mouth he makes me mad.

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