Lilo and stitch the series

Lilo and Stitch Series

lilo and stitch the series

Lilo & Stitch 2x14 Morpholomew

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Sign in. Lilo goes to an Elizabethan Fair with the hula girls, but Stitch can't join her as no dogs are allowed and Mertle refuses to be with Lilo. Stitch and Mertle then team up to fight against a Watch now. Stitch, an alien living on Earth disguised as a dog with his human family, continues his adventures when he discovers that the alien family he never knew he had is now in Hawaii, being hunted down by galactic forces.

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Continuing where Stitch! The Movie left off, Lilo and Stitch are given the task of collecting the rest of Jumba 's missing experiments , changing them from bad to good and finding the one place where they truly belong. On May 29, , the series moved from its daily 12 p. In , the series time slot was lost by Playhouse Disney , which lost it to have Phineas and Ferb episodes one year later, in The series returned on the Disney Junior channel and the Disney Junior block on Disney Channel starting from March 23, , in which the show was removed from the Disney Junior block on Disney Channel on September 30,

After the events of the film, Hawaiian girl Lilo is safe and happy with her sister Nani and their expanded family: alien experimental life-form Stitch, giant four-eyed mad scientist Jumba, and meek cycloptic ex-soldier-bureaucrat Pleakley. As The Series begins, it is revealed that many other experiments of Stitch's lineage , of which he is number , have landed near Hawaii by accident as shown in the direct-to-video pilot Stitch! The Movie. Stored in pods that activate one by one in freak occurrences usually by dropping into water , each specialized experiment uses its unique power to wreak havoc on the island until it is captured. Lilo and Stitch's goal is to find a place in which each of Stitch's "cousins" can be useful and happy.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series





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