Types of risks in project management knowns and unknowns

11.1 Defining Risk

types of risks in project management knowns and unknowns

Unknown Risks

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The risk is future uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on one or more project objectives. The risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives, and an effect is a positive or negative deviation from what is expected. Project risk whether known risks and unknown risks both are an undefined event or condition, if it occurs, has an influence on one or more of the project objectives. Risk management emphasizes on determining and evaluating the risks of the project and managing those risks to curtail the effect. The purpose of measuring risk is to find out what would be the most likely maximum impact on the project objectives. There are hardly any risk-free projects since there are multiple events that can negatively influence the project. Risk management is not simply about minimizing risk but at the same time identifying, analyzing and managing risk.

This article is a draft of a paper i started to write in september and left it where you see it today. As always comments are most welcome Financial Resources, Domain, Technology, Communication, Cultural Differences, Organizational Structure, Organizational Culture and Power Play within an organization are some of the factors that have an ultimate bearing on the success of a project. All projects come in shades of grey is a fact that has to be acknowledged. For example, when we start a project, very rarely do we know everything about Project Requirement, Scope and other factors that impact the project. There will be lot of ambiguity and this ambiguity has to be accepted and put to proper use.

I hated probability in my college days as lot of derivations and assumptions need to be done. But it is not too late for me to brush up my school probability one more time. Unknown risks are those unable to anticipate and describe. Unknown risks cannot be managed proactively. These risks that result from the uniqueness of the work and they are difficult or impossible to anticipate. Generally, the best method for managing unknown risk involves allocating reserves on the basis of the measured consequences of unanticipated problems on similar past projects.

To understand why do Projects Fail and what we need to do differently to stop it happening again.
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Visit Audio Recordings for the audio version of this section. Risk is the possibility of loss or injury. There are no risk-free projects because there are an infinite number of events that can have a negative effect on the project. Risk management is not about eliminating risk but about identifying, assessing, and managing risk. Tzvi Raz, Aaron Shenhar, and Dov Dvir 3 studied risk management practices on one hundred projects in a variety of industries. The results of this study suggested the following about risk management practices:. Risk deals with the uncertainty of events that could affect the project.

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal October 18, No professional needs to be told the importance of risk management any business will have risks that need being managed. Businesses in the financial industry are concerned about risk the most, along with other businesses in similarly dynamic and highly regulated industries. When it comes to managing risks the leadership of any organization needs to worry about two things 1. How to manage current risk related issues, and 2.


Project Management Risk Identification


Managing Risks Both Known and Unknown


Known Risks and Unknown Risks PMP/CAPM



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