How to manage money and be a smart investor

SMART INVESTOR: Learn How To Manage Money Like A Millionaire

how to manage money and be a smart investor



His wealth consultancy firm manages several billion dollars for about 40 European families, most of whom are self-made entrepreneurs. The goal of most millionaires is two-fold: to keep getting richer and to protect the riches they've already earned. The good news for the more modestly-heeled consumers out there is that the super wealthy don't have any secret skills that the rest of us can't imitate. Only invest money you have for the long-term. Unless you've got a nice stash of emergency funds on hand first, you have no business meddling in the stock market.

Being a smart investor will help you make better investing decisions and recognize the warning signs of investment fraud. Always take the time to check that the person or business you are dealing with is registered with the securities regulator in your province or territory. Their registration status will also inform you of the products or services they are allowed to provide and if there have been any regulatory disciplinary actions. Registration also helps protect you from unqualified or fraudulent investment professionals. Having a plan means having a road map for reaching short- and long-term financial goals which could include saving for a new home, higher education, marriage or retirement.

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Smart investing can be summed up with ten simple rules. Learn why and become comfortable making good choices and decisions. Smart Investing is an essential must-read guide for ordinary investors. Build a common sense portfolio of stocks and bonds that will outperform nearly all actively managed funds and portfolios. The secret? Broad diversification at the lowest possible cost.

But, where and how should you get started? Here are eight investing tips from top financial planners around the country:. You could easily live another 60 or 70 years, right?. What difference will it make if you put off investing for a while? Unfortunately, waiting can make a world of difference.

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4 Ways to Be a Smarter Investor

But long-sustained rallies in stock prices can be dangerous. Lose sight of that fact, and you may pay dearly. Avoid the smorgasbord syndrome. Many people invest the same way. They load up their portfolio with every new fund, ETF, or other investment that comes along. But that approach no more creates a well-balanced portfolio than choosing one of every item from a smorgasbord gives you a balanced diet. When it comes to investing your retirement savings—or investing any money—simpler is better.




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    This publication explains the basics of mutual fund investing, how mutual funds work, what factors to consider before investing, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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