Josh gad beauty and the beast

Josh Gad 'very proud' to play Disney's first openly gay character

josh gad beauty and the beast

Josh Gad has a message for people upset that his character in the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast" film is gay. "What I would say is that this film is one of inclusiveness," Gad told People. Gad plays LeFou, the first openly gay character in a Disney movie. "Beauty and the Beast.

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Sign in. Who breaks hearts like Gaston? I believe there's another T It just occurred to me that I'm illiterate and I've never actually had to spell it out loud before My future wife. Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village.

We've all been tweeting along with the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today May 19 , from the fiery American pastor to Elton John's grumpy face to getting all emotional. Murder on the Orient Express and Frozen star Josh Gad has also been tweeting about the event, and it's reminded us of when he was involved in a similarly lavish scenario. Ive only ever been to one Royal Wedding and it was so unnecessarily controversial. The controversy he is referring to is obviously the same-sex dance in last year's live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. Certain countries and homophobic people kicked up a stink over the very inclusion of gay characters, while others thought it wasn't a great example of representation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Disney's remake of "Beauty and the Beast. Disney's live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" makes a lot of changes from the original story, for better or worse. One of the best ways the movie builds upon the original material comes from an unexpected pair of characters: Gaston and his sidekick LeFou. Both Gaston and LeFou were both given more background and overall character depth, while bringing more contemporary comedic moments into the 18th century France setting. Evans and Gad are both stellar actors who come from theater backgrounds, so they had the vocal chops to back up a great sense of comedic timing and improvisation. The new Gaston is more than just a ruthless hunter, though he still uses antlers in all of his decorating. Now he's also a solider, which adds a new dimension to why people in town revere and respect him despite his less-than-pleasant attitude.

Somebody that only represents a danger because [Gaston] says that he represents a danger. But he fails — he fails miserably, and everybody finds love. Belle played by Paige O'Hara , the "beauty" in the tale, was the first brown-haired Disney princess. The smoke during the transformation of the Beast is not animated -- it was real smoke originally used in 's "The Black Cauldron," TheWrap confirmed. Although Angela Lansbury is famous for singing the "Beauty and the Beast" ballad, she originally thought another actor would be more suited. The director asked her to make at least one recording of her singing the song, which ended up in the film. While Belle sits at the fountain during the first song and flips though the book, you can see a dark-haired maiden, a monstrous male figure and a regal castle.

Josh Gad Responds to Controversy Over ‘Beauty and the Beast’s’ Gay Moment

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Josh Gad Opens Up About LeFou’s Gay Moment in ‘Beauty and the Beast’



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