Love it or list it are they brother and sister

Things you didn't know about Hilary Farr and David Visentin

love it or list it are they brother and sister

Couple Suing HGTV's 'Love It Or List It' Claim The Show is Fake

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But the designer and realtor are so busy trying to help other people achieve all of their dream home needs that -- aside from their witty banter and awesome chemistry -- we don't often get to spend as much time with them as we'd like. Here's everything you need to know about these hosts with the most. Photo Credit: Instagram Source: www. Photo Credit: HilaryFarr. Photo Credit: Twitter Source: twitter. Love it or List it. January 3, Amber Dowling.

David and Hilary have an amazing onscreen chemistry that really makes the show.
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We've been having so much fun this season! Maybe our best one yet! Hope you are all enjoying the show! We love it. We're going to list it.

The show was originally shot in Toronto, Canada, but it has since moved down to North Carolina. This has added a new twist to the show, and increased its appeal to a wider audience as it now caters to both an American and a Canadian demographic. Farr and Visentin each bring something truly special to the show which has made it one of the most watched shows on the network. But ultimately what has made the show such a success is the organic humor between the two. Their comfort and familiarity together constantly draw the audience inÖ and the constant bickering makes them a delight to watch week to week! While there is a lot of magic on screen, there is also a lot that takes place behind the scenes.

On Monday, May 7 at 9 p. ET , the duo will return for a new season of their show and "to rid the world of hideous pink paint and past-their-prime small appliances," Hilary says. Once again, while Hilary redecorates the houses, David will look for other options on the market in an attempt to either get the clients to, as the title implies, "love it or list it. To help you get reacquainted with the star, here's everything you need to know about Hilary. We bicker, but we really do have a great time together. Right, davidvisentin1? Like David, Hilary was born and now lives in Toronto, where the show is based.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Hilary and David

He is a native citizen of Canada. Visentin started his career in working as an agent for Country Living Realty in Rosemont, Ontario , while working alongside his father Nick Visentin. David worked on the housing market while discovering new potential homes for numerous clients for over 16 years.



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