Columbus short and karrine steffans

Columbus Short Texted Karrine Steffans When He Was In Jail – I Love You!

columbus short and karrine steffans

Drama-scarred former “Scandal” star Columbus Short was just released from jail — but he may wish he were back inside because his ex-wife is.

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Columbus Short is denying the cheating allegations his wife, Karrine Steffans, is making about him on social media. The year-old author posted a photo and video to her Instagram on Monday night, showing the former Scandal star solemnly sitting in what appears to be a lobby with clothes strewn about from a suitcase. In the video, Steffans is heard quietly talking to Short, who does not respond to her. You OK? You feeling OK?

Source: Instagram.
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The star has had a challenging few years. The wife of Columbus Short has reportedly filed a temporary restraining order against the former Scandal star. In the restraining order, Steffans alleges Short once kicked their bedroom door down in a drunken rage and in a separate incident threatened her year-old son. A rep for Short did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but he told TMZ the allegations were false. The report of the restraining order comes one week after Steffans posted a now-deleated Instagram photo accusing Short of cheating. The post showed her kicking him out of their home.

Columbus Short Explains How He Ended Up With Karrine Steffans, Their Fake Relationship & More

Columbus Short has a lot of good news to share all at once -- he's getting married, and he's going to be a father again! - Now, as Short is released from jail after just 34 days of a one-year sentence for beating his current wife, Aida Abramyan, Steffans says she wants to get the story straight about her ex. Steffans sent us a copy of her marriage certificate, and says that she now believes he denied that they were ever married because he was still married to actress Tanee McCall.






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