Summer donna summer musical review

Review: Summer: The Donna Summer Musical

summer donna summer musical review

The Donna Summer Musical. 61 Reviews. #92 of Concerts & Shows in New York City Concerts & Shows, Performances. W 46th St, Between 7th and.


She was a girl from Boston with a voice from heaven, who shot through the stars from gospel choir to dance floor diva. See it if you like Donna Summer and want to know a bit more about her. Great talent! Don't see it if you want a lavish polished production. This is for joyful entertainment, not thought-provoking "art".

The understudy stole the show. I was great to take my 9 year old and be transported back 40 years If you are of a certain age.. This was so much fun and brought us back to This was so much fun and brought us back to the disco era!! Visited while on a break in New York show was very good entertainment at its best the singing was excellent if you like Donna summer go and see this show it closes end of dec.

It has a small head, a primitive nervous system and will probably outlast the apocalypse. Despite the exciting vocalism of a cast led by the formidable LaChanze, it reduces the late Queen of Disco and pioneer of electronica to a few factoids and song samples that make her seem profoundly inconsequential. But then you would not be contributing to the music publishing enterprise that keeps jukebox musicals coming no matter how hard they get stomped on by critics. Certainly Ms. The story of Ms. Summer asking the two men to dim the lights and close their eyes while she writhes on the studio floor singing the hypersexed number is too good not to stage, and yet apparently not too good to stage poorly. Comments that Ms.

The biographical jukebox musical of which Jersey Boys provides a shining example, thanks to all the Brylcreem is the cockroach of.
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That may be all some fans need from this thin Broadway musical that purports to tell the life story of the singer born LaDonna Adrian Gaines, who had a wildly successful career from the mid s to the mid s. That it falls short of its potential is only surprising because of the creative team behind it, which includes director Des McAnuff, who co-wrote the book with Colman Domingo and Robert Cary ; choreographer Sergio Trujillo; and music supervisor Ron Melrose. More production photographs at NewYorkTheater. Three actresses portray Donna Summer at different ages. I guess this is the concert of a lifetime. She makes an unintentionally telling remark about halfway through the minute show:. On a bad day, I felt like Judy Garland, period.

If you're lookin' for some hot stuff on Broadway, you've come to the right place. Summer: The Donna Summer Musical delivers the seasonal sunshine. It just doesn't also bring a whole lotta depth. What saves all this, of course, is the celebration of the music, with a parade of hits starting with her first biggie, the mildly controversial "Love to Love You Baby" many references to the orgasmic nature of the song , and on to Billboard toppers such as "MacArthur Park," "On the Radio" and "She Works Hard for the Money. Since "Summer" is very much a concert, the songs don't help to tell the story. They do help to break up the monotony, not that the music itself is in any way varied. They've come for the music - and perhaps theatergoers like me have our own cynicism to reckon with in the face of a fan's earnest euphoria.

She was the affirmation of life, of music, of dancing in the face of existential fear. She still has great stage presence and, of course, that roof-raising voice. So, despite some good songs and uplifting vocals from her backup singers, LaChanze is pressed to carry the whole show on her back. LaPointe, whose hairdos look downright trashy. With her untamed locks and bloodsucker-red lipstick, Donna Summer had a look that was dramatically vivid but not cheap, a distinction that seems to have eluded the designers. Choreographer Sergio Trujillo gives those long-limbed beauties sexy moves that are very much appreciated in this under-choreographed show.

Broadway Review: Summer, The Donna Summer Musical

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After an extended run in La Jolla, the new musical about the 70s disco queen hits Broadway with a score featuring more than 20 of Summer's classic hits.
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