Limitless season 2 release date

Limitless Season 2 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

limitless season 2 release date

May 17, The producers for the "Limitless" Season 2 reportedly have a concept for the show before it is canceled. Will the show finally get a green light.

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Limitless is an American comedy-drama television series based on the film of the same name , which originally aired on CBS from September 22, , to April 26, This drug unlocks the full potential of the human brain and gives its user enhanced mental faculties. It is a spin-off to the film of the same name, which in turn was based on the novel The Dark Fields , and takes place four years after the events of the movie. The series was ordered by CBS on May 8, Brian Finch McDorman , a year-old burnout and struggling musician, is introduced to NZT, a miracle drug that gives him access to every neuron in his brain.

There are reports that the producers have got a new storyline for it. Fans are also going crazy and demanding the showrunners to release the second season at the earliest. As per a report, the producers have finally come up with a concept for the upcoming installment. The latest developments indicate towards a good news. As the season1 of Limitless was extremely successful, huge hopes have taken shape automatically.

Whilst many of CBS' first-season series have been renewed for a second season, Supergirl and Limitless, unfortunately, didn't. However Supergirl was adopted into a new network 'The CW', and 'Limitless' fans are hoping that their favourite show will have a second season. Whilst the titleQ rl and 'Limitless' has been cancelled on CBS, however Supergirl got a second chance on 'The CW'-something that 'Limitless' fans are hoping to happen to their beloved show. The idea behind the title is that our minds is currently limited and that all it needs is a pill to unlock out potential-more intelligence and strength. The idea is great, the movie did great, but it seems that the idea didn't pan out as planned on TV series. Sadly the show's viewership and rating has declined as time passes by.

Netflix is now airing "Limitless" to the delight of its fans. Now the question remains if "Limitless" Season 2 will be aired next. Before the cancellation of "Limitless" it has been reported that CBS tirelessly looked for a possible buyer of the show. Netflix and Amazon were its main targets. It seems Amazon backed out and Netflix opened its window. However, according to Limitless Writers, the saga will not continue in any platform and the first season is just the end of Brian. With "Limitless" popularity now on Netflix, fans are asking why CBS cancelled the show and not giving its viewers "Limitless" Season 2.

The producers for the " Limitless " Season 2 reportedly have a concept for the show before it is canceled. Will the show finally get a green light for renewal soon? According to recent reports, fans of "Limitless" Season 2 have been waiting for good news about the show's future. The viewers are reportedly asking for a new season from the showrunners because of the successful plot in Season 1. Despite the success of Season 1, it seems like the TV series has still not found a new home for the TV show. There is no doubt that many viewers want to see a Season 2 of "Limitless.

Limitless Season 2 Can Still Happen? Could Netflix Give Limitless a Chance?



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