Grammys make america great again

Joy Villa Just Showed Up at the Grammys Dressed as Trump's Wall and Holding a MAGA Purse

grammys make america great again

Jennifer Lopez Trump Meltdown at Grammys 2017

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Seemingly inspired by Donald Trump's plan to build a wall against the US-Mexico border, the musician wore a white dress that featured a brick print. A ball of metal shaped like barbed wire was also attached to each strap on her dress. Villa accessorized with a spiked headband, more metal jewelry, and a red purse that read "Make America Great Again. Villa's jewelry appears to have been made from metal. Once the singer turned around, it was revealed that the back of her skirt read "Build the Wall" in a red font.

A singer who donned a 'Make America Great Again' dress to last year's Grammy Awards has stepped out once again in a statement outfit with a pro-life dress. Joy Villa was photographed wearing the pro-life dress at Sunday's awards ceremony, telling Fox News she wanted to make a statement as she usually did. Her white dress featured a picture of a fetus on the skirt, and was matched with a handbag with the slogan "choose life. The dress was reportedly inspired by Villa's own life and the child she gave up for adoption when she was 21 years old; explaining she preferred the idea of adoption over abortion. The year-old Trump-supporter, whose MAGA dress hit headlines last year, also took the opportunity to praise the president while speaking to reporters at the awards show.

MAGA is having a small fashion moment at the Grammys. Villa now has a history of wearing conservative couture on the Grammys red carpet. Rebel has been an active supporter of President Donald Trump and faced considerable backlash over it, especially considering the fact that Rebel, who is bisexual, has been an advocate for LGBT rights. I voted for the person who wanted to heavily vet refugees. The other candidate wanted a percent increase in Syrian refugees. It only takes one. BMG showed strong financial results for the first half of as part of an earnings report released Thursday by its parent company, Bertelsmann.

You are infinite and beautiful and no one can stop you but you. What in the tacky deplorable hell is this? Skip navigation! Story from Celebrity Style. Villa walked onto the carpet in a floor-length white cape, then dramatically removed it to unveil the handmade-looking creation underneath.

Pro-Trump Fashion at 2019 Grammys: From Border Wall Dress to ‘Keep America Great’ Jacket


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