Is jacksonville florida a safe place to live

Tips on Jacksonville Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!

is jacksonville florida a safe place to live

15 Reasons Why Moving To Jacksonville Is Great For Families

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No matter if you live in the sticks or in an apartment building in downtown Jacksonville, you have a little pocket that you can call home. And each neighborhood is different. Smaller neighborhoods usually have obvious benefits — less crime, a slower pace of life, and a lower cost of living. But not all Jacksonville neighborhoods are created equal. Some are better than others. But which ones? Instead of relying on public opinion and speculation, we wanted to get the facts straight and find out which neighborhoods in Jacksonville are the best.

There is always a community event going on, and the community waterparks - that's right, waterparks - are open year-round. Whenever you go outside, you'll see couples going for a walk, teenagers biking, and families riding their golf carts. Read 14 Reviews. You are just a few miles from the beach and not have to pay such high beach home prices. My house at the Beach was square feet and built compared to a much newer building and square feet that I moved into.

By Edward R. In the year , Duval County held the title of "The Murder Capital of Florida"—with Jacksonville at its center—and did so for 11 years. Since then, crime has subsided making Jacksonville surrender this infamous title. That said—it's still not a very safe place to visit. With a rate of 44 crimes per 1, residents, the state's largest city still has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to communities of all sizes. In fact, your chance of falling victim to either a violent crime or a property crime in Jacksonville is one in So if you're traveling to Florida, you may want to steer clear of this city and opt to visit the other 82 percent of Florida communities that are safer.

Like most growing big cities, Jacksonville has good and bad areas, so you must be diligent and know where to go or not go. Crime could occur anywhere, but it is important to know which areas to steer clear from. Most of the streets in this area are hotbeds of crime, including prostitution, drug dealing, and gang activity. One upcoming section of this area, called Springfield, is proud of their up and coming center for historic restoration of the homes, returning them to Victorian grandeur. If you want the ambiance of a lively historic neighborhood, San Marco and Avondale are much safer options. Unfortunately, the crime in this growing city has been growing along with it, in particular with cases involving stolen cars, murders, assaults and robberies.

You are just a few miles from the beach and not have to pay such high beach home prices. My house at the Beach was square feet and built compared to a much newer building and square feet that I moved into. No comparison! Read 9 Reviews. There's not much crime going on and the people are very nice and welcoming. If I had a chance to do it again I would choose the same place. I would put this community in the top 10 in the country.

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Jacksonville, Florida may not be the nation's most dangerous city, but its crime rate still makes it one of the sketchiest places in Florida.
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