Tengku puteri zainah tengku eskandar

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tengku puteri zainah tengku eskandar

Kenali anak-anak saudara Sultan Johor dari Kerabat Pahang (Kekanda KDYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong)

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Post a Comment. Those were boom years in the local economy and Rosmah did extremely well selling expensive properties to nouveau-riche Umnoputras, especially political bigwigs. However, her foxy instincts served her well and she redirected her feminine charms at another rising star in Umno, Najib Razak, then Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. A Nasty Reputation. Even as Najib Razak craftily navigated his way through the Byzantine intrigues of Umno politics, Rosmah Mansor was acquiring a nasty reputation in her own inimitable style. Stories began to circulate about her penchant for expensive trinkets and how she would unashamedly throw her weight around, intimidating owners of jewelry stores for outrageous discounts.

Najib Razak's first wife was named Tengku Puteri Zainah Tengku Eskandar, relative of Kelantan Royalty. Source: Lowyat Forum. Puteri Zainah.
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Before assuming the office of the prime minister he had served in a number of cabinet ministries, including two terms as the minister of defence. It was the untimely demise of his father that pushed the young Razak into politics when he was just 22 years old. That was just the beginning and over the next few decades he rose to assume the same position his father had once held. As the prime minister, he implemented several progressive reforms to facilitate economic liberalization of the country and to set the pace for Malaysia to become a modern, progressive, and forward-looking democracy. He also launched the 1Malaysia campaign calling for more harmony, national unity, and better governance in the nation.

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According to sources, Rosmah had planned for a long time to steal Najib from Ku Yie, and accused her of being crazy! Ku Yie said that the allegation was to bring humiliation to her name as the daughter-in-law as the former prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak. Can you imagine the sadness of a wife and mother of three children who loves her husband wholeheartedly to be divorced out of the blue after 10 years of marriage? Prior to the divorce, Ku Yie said that she had never been in a single fight with Najib. For six month Najib did not go home and stayed at hotels. Ku Yie added that Najib only visited her at certain times when he was housed in a government residence. Internal sources also revealed that after Najib wed Rosmah, who is also a newly-divorced woman, the couple celebrated their honeymoon in Europe leaving his children fatherless during Raya Aidilfitri in

No tears, Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor says after Malaysia ex-PM's graft indictment

Majlis Perkahwinan YM Tengku Puteri Iman dan YM Tengku Abu Bakar malam tadi.

Mohd Nazifuddin Najib

Post a Comment. Tuesday, 29 March The Morning After Long live the King! A tidal wave of revulsion and disgust must have swept through Malaysia this morning as Malaysians who have witnessed the Four Corners "State of Fear" program last night awoke to another day under the regime of Najib Razak! Judging from the clicks I got from my posting of the relevant program and multiply it with the many other postings on blogs and FB, I would conservatively estimate that many million of Malaysians must have watched "State of Fear" by midnight last night!

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Najibís son gets engaged to Indonesian politician





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    steadyaku The Morning After"The State of Fear" the King is Dead. Long live the King!

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    The Straits Times

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    He was the former President of the United Malays National Organisation UMNO , the leading party in Malaysia's Barisan Nasional BN coalition, which maintained control of Malaysia's government as a parliamentary majority for more than sixty years until the coalition's defeat in the General Election.

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