Abandoned bus no 142 stampede trail alaska usa

Hiker dies en route to abandoned bus made famous by ‘Into the Wild’

abandoned bus no 142 stampede trail alaska usa

A portion of it it's paved but the remainder of the route con. Menu. Home > Abandoned places > Alaska > North America > USA > The Stampede Trail and the Magic Bus The Stampede Trail is a road located in the U.S. state of Alaska. to spend a night in it there is a feeling that this abandoned bus really has a soul.

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The trail to the Magic Bus is roughly Offroad vehicles can drive the entire way provided they can cross the Teklanika River. The trail is mostly flat but extremely wet and muddy. In many cases you will find yourself walking through creeks and quagmire. The uphills are short but the tundra terrain provides enough complications of its own. There are 2 river crossings.

I think of it as a pilgrimage made by those who have felt some kind of connection with Chris McCandless and his story. The Stampede Trail is fifty miles of rough, overgrown mining road that was abandoned in No bridges were ever constructed over the several rivers it crosses so it is primarily used by backcountry travelers on foot, bicycle, snow machine and motorcycle. The now infamous Fairbanks City Transit bus was left behind by the Yutan Construction Company during the road building to serve as a backcountry shelter for hunters, trappers and ranger patrols. We were able to drive about The first hour and a half of hiking the next morning saw us travel on a really good quad trail, through some small swaps, through a couple of shin-deep river crossings and spat us out at the edge of the Teklinika River. Although it was not the raging torrent Emile Hirsch faced in the movie, it was obvious we would be swept off our feet and downstream if we did not keep our heads about us.

The Stampede Trail is a road located in the U. In Yutan Construction began upgrading the trail so it would be used by trucks to transport ore from the nearby mines. The project was stopped in after 80 km of road were built. Even though it crosses several rivers, no bridges were constructed. The trail has since been used by backcountry travelers on foot, bicycle, snowmachine, and motorcycle. This dilapidated bus became a place of pilgrimage.

abandoned bus no 142 stampede trail alaska usa

What Happened to Christopher McCandless

Hike the Stampede Trail to the Magic Bus

In , two moose hunters stumbled upon an abandoned bus in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. Inside the rusty, overgrown vehicle, they found the body of year-old Chris McCandless, a hitchhiker who had left everything behind to pursue an off-the-grid life in Alaska. Wikimedia Commons Chris McCandless took many self-portraits, including this one in front of the abandoned bus — known popularly as the Into The Wild bus — that was his shelter. In April , growing increasingly detached from his suburban life in Virginia, Chris McCandless finally decided to take the plunge. A local electrician named Jim Gallien agreed to drop him off at the head of Stampede Trail on April 28 so that he could begin the trek through Denali National Park.

The bus provided a home for Chris McCandless, a hiker who used it as a shelter for months in McCandless died, apparently of starvation, in the bus that year. After the release of the book, the bus became a tourist destination for hikers intent on crossing the treacherous Teklanika to see it. Nikanava was swept away by the fast-moving river, and her body was discovered by her husband about 30 yards away. On Twitter, Holland said that Nikanava was the second known hiker to be killed while trying to make it to the bus. The memoir featured a foreword by Krakauer.

Stampede Trail

The map created by people like you! This is the site of the abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail where Christopher J. McCandless A. A Alexander Supertramp starved to death in the summer of , while attempting to live off the land. McCandless has become an inspirational figure for many, symbolizing youthful idealism, courage, and individualism.

Even though it crosses several rivers, no bridges were constructed. The trail has since been used by backcountry travelers on foot, bicycle, snowmachine, and motorcycle. This gives you an idea what it is like getting out to the Magic Bus! A change of events after I arrived The converted bus where McCandless lived and died has since become a well-known destination for hikers. Known as "The Magic Bus", the International Harvester was abandoned by road workers in on the Stampede Trail where it remains today. This also shows where the abandoned bus, Stampede Trail, and Teklanika River are located.

Historically, access to the east end of the trail was gained from the Alaska Railroad.
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This remote and dangerous hiking trail is nevertheless popular with backpackers wandering in the Alaskan backcountry. This old mining road and trail acquired a lot of attention after the death of an American traveler Christopher McCandless, who was found dead in an abandoned bus that served as a shelter on Stampede Trail in According to medical expertise, he died of starvation. A book and a film telling his story made the trail even more popular, and many hikers try to conquer it themselves every year. The bus where the movie was shot is located right at the beginning of the trail. But if you want to see the real McCandess' shelter, you'll have to walk for 30 kilometers. There have been many casualties on the trail in the last years so it's advisable not to pursue it if you lack experience.


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    The Stampede Trail is a road and trail located in the Denali Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. A paved or maintained gravel road for 8 miles (13 km) on its eastern end as far west as Eight Mile Lake, the remainder of the route consists of a primitive, remote, . Fairbanks City Transit System Bus is an abandoned International.

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    Moose hunters seeking shelter for the night outside the northern boundary of Denali National Park spotted his body decomposed and weighing only 66 lbs inside a sleeping bag in the converted bus on September 6.

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