Oh gg lil touch lyrics

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG make their fierce debut with "Lil' Touch"

oh gg lil touch lyrics

SNSD-Oh!GG - Lil' Touch Lyrics (???) Han-Rom-Eng Color Coded

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Would they be in a state of limbo? Would the company choose to focus on other groups more? GG presents a new side of themselves with a more mature sound and look. The verses and bridge present a slower delivery of the lyrics and quieter vocals, which brings out this mysterious and haunting quality to the song. On the other hand, the vocals get louder in the pre-chorus and the lyrics are sung faster during the chorus. While such an arrangement can get messy in most songs, the instrumentals were organised thoughtfully and helped to keep a clean, easy-to-listen quality to the song.

Girls' Generation sub-unit Oh! GG has made the dramatic entrance fans have been waiting for , flexing their K-pop royalty status. The upbeat, seductive "Lil' Touch" is a very fitting choice to herald the new unit, as it showcases both the powerful pipes of each member and their cohesiveness as a group. The bouncy bass line and rhythmic claps mix with a flowing guitar on the melody line, and help support vocals that seem to echo like the haunting enticement of a siren call: "just give me a little touch. GG's first introduction to fans.

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Sub unit Oh!
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SNSD-Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch (???)

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG






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