Www elfontheshelf com register name

Holly Jolly Holiday Giveaway Day 10: The Elf on the Shelf Christmas Story Set

www elfontheshelf com register name

How to Name Your Elf on The Shelf

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Looking for a great family Christmas tradition? Something fun that will keep your little ones in line? The Elf on the Shelf is a classic story that tells the tale of how Santa knows if a child is naughty or nice. The answer: an Elf! The elf would arrive in the home around the holidays and had the responsibility of watching the children and reporting their behavior to Santa each night. In the morning, the elf would return and could be found in a new place around the house. After much urging by the elves and Mrs.

Written by Bell and her mother, Carol Aebersold , the book tells of an elf who visits homes and reports back to Santa each night and includes an elf doll that children can name and register at www. The idea behind the doll is that the "elf" gets his magic when the family gives him a name of his own. Each night, after the children are tucked into bed, he flies to the North Pole to report to Santa. Before the children awaken, the elf returns home to a different post in the house. The children race out of bed to discover the elf's new hangout for the day. There is one rule: children should not touch the elf or he might lose his magic, thus jeopardizing any good reports he may have planned to give to Santa. According to the authors, this rule ensures the children's interest in the elf won't wane and teaches self-control.

Looking for www elfontheshelf com register name? Get best results of www elfontheshelf com register name. Once you officially register a name with the North Pole, you'll receive a free adoption certificate for your North Pole pal, and receive a free letter from Santa After a few simple steps, you will be registered and ready for the season! The official home of Santa's scout elves, featuring products, ideas, games and more.

Elf on a Shelf A Christmas Tradition.
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How Does My Scout Elf Get a Name?




'Elf on the Shelf' author to visit area stores



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    Welcome to the Scout Elf Registry! Help us verify your Scout Elf as an official North Pole elf.

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