Legend of zelda spirit tracks lost at sea station

Spirit Tracks Any% Route [ENG/PAL]

legend of zelda spirit tracks lost at sea station

Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Walkthrough 11 (1/6) "Ends Of The Earth Station"

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Bahasa Indonesia. By ColeQuil ColeQuil. Last updated 20 Feb Note: The route is the same for JP with the exception that Tower of Spirits 5 start room and a puzzle and 6 final floor gone have been altered. M - Outside - Light all torches in order: 3 1 L 4 2 - Downstairs - B1: - Use ice boomerang to cross water - Small key - Mini Freezard fight - Melt with flame boomerang, then slash - Melt ice on post with flame boomerang - Cross water and whirlwind post - Cross water with ice boomerang to top left - Upstairs - 1F: - Use ice boomerang to build bridge - Push low note bell across bridge - Stand on switch - Use ice boomerang for another bridge - Push low note bell across bridge into slot - Ring the bells: L. X - Top left:.

It is an indirect sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass , taking place over a hundred years after the events in that game and starring a new Link and Zelda. For the most part, controls are similar to its predecessor. However, there are several new features introduced for this game. Firstly, the player can take control of Phantoms like those in Phantom Hourglass to aid in combat and solving puzzles. The second major change is that this game takes place on land, not the ocean. Link controls not a ship, but a train. A long time ago, in the land of the Lokomo people, a great evil called the Demon King was fought and sealed in the ground.

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Lost at Sea Station B2 Map

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - The Lost At Sea Station - Episode 52

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Located in the southeastern section of the Ocean Realm , the Lost at Sea Station is home to a dungeon -like area, where Link can collect treasure. According to the Gossip Stone that allows access to the dungeon, it is a replica of a temple in a far-off land, a reference to the Temple of the Ocean King. Phantoms patrol all five levels, in which Link must solve various riddles to reach the treasure chamber. The final treasure is a Regal Ring. Link cannot use his sword or bow in the dungeon. The dungeon can be played an unlimited amount of times, allowing Link to obtain as many Regal Rings as he wants.




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