Rob dougan clubbed to death

"Clubbed To Death" Lyrics

rob dougan clubbed to death

"Clubbed to Death" is an instrumental composition by Australian music producer Rob Dougan. It appeared in the film Clubbed to Death and was given.


His voice is full of demons and his words the metal spikes that hold the train tracks into place. I mean:. The only problem was that he never provided the track titles, and many never had lyrics to look up. Only years later did I re-encounter this song, instantly recognizing and remembering it. You must have heard of this song soundtrack of the Matrix. I feel like Rob Dougan smoked a pack of cowboy killers before he recorded each song on his album just to sound raspy and gravely. This song is a part of me.

RSS Feed. Merchants Of Air. Home Reviews Albums Concerts. Merchants Of Air releases Giveaways. Rob Dougan is an Australian musician, songwriter and electronic music producer, notoriously known for his super hit Clubbed to Death Kurayamino Variation , heavily featured in the soundtrack of the first Matrix movie, which propelled him to fame overnight.

Save Comment 0. Google Author:. Total plays: 1, Saved: 11 times. Sounds like: Moby , Chance Houston.

Rob D. - Rob Dougan-Clubbed to death

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features., It appeared in the film Clubbed to Death and was given renewed attention in due to its inclusion in the film The Matrix. It was re-released as a single in with new remixes.





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