Hot fair and rodeo 2018

Heart O Texas Fair & Rodeo

hot fair and rodeo 2018

Thursday, Oct. 3. PM. Tickets & Deals. Friday, Oct. 4. PM. Tickets & .

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My children all love different things about the fair. That makes it especially fun to venture there together and watch each one in the different areas. There is so much to do and see. The younger ones loved people watching and the bright lights of the carnival rides. At 7 months and 22 months old, their eyes were all bugged out and they happily stared at everything. He was super fun and educational so make sure to see it! Fair food is always a highlight.

A family-friendly event, Rodeo Austin offers something for everyone. Open March , , the Fairgrounds offers Austin's largest carnival, shopping, food and a variety of shows and special attractions. Fairground admission grants access to the fun and educational activities listed below. Rodeo Austin is proud to host Austin's largest carnival complete with rides, games, fair food favorites and more. Rodeo Austin is proud to host Austin's largest carnival.

Below is a list of events they have had for the fair and the rest of the week! Visit their website for more details. Scramble lamb show followed by jackpot lamb show and followed by lamb showmanship show 8 a. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. Actions Facebook Tweet Email.




September 6-9, 2018


Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo 2018





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    Over the past 67 years, the Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo has offered Central Texas a place to come and support the community while enjoying the sights.

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    Charva Ingram, vice president, marketing and sponsorship Development at the Extraco Events Center, said they always make an effort to make elements of the fair different each year.

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    See the sights, ride the rides, and enjoy the food.

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    If you can't locate your pre-purchased tickets, look them up here: Find My Order.

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